1. Leadership

Devan Kline, Founder, CEO, Head Trainer

My name is Devan Kline, Burn Boot Camp’s Founder and CEO. I was born in Battle Creek, MI where I grew up with my wife Morgan. We now share a wonderful life together with our Daughter Cameron in Lake Norman, NC. I played collegiate baseball at Central Michigan University and graduated with a B.S.B.A in Marketing.

After college I continued my baseball career with the San Francisco Giants where I gained my love for health and fitness by helping my various host families achieve more happiness in their lives through health. This inspired me to start a quest to help families all over the world and thus Burn Boot Camp was born. I am a proud leader of a team of incredible clients, trainers, and owners who share my passion and enthusiasm for helping women achieve more than they ever thought possible.

I define my success by the amount of people who I can help to mentally, physically, and emotionally overcome their odds. Most of my childhood was riddled with violence, drug abuse, and alcoholism by my parents. With my father being in and out of jail, I had to become a man at an early age. My hope is that my determination to not be a product of my environment can inspire others to think the same way.

Burn Boot Camp is my family now. I will spend my life striving to gain influence over lives that need my help in route to becoming the greatest husband, father, personal trainer, and friend I can possibly be!

Morgan Kline, Co-Founder, CFO

My name is Morgan Kline, Co-Founder & CFO of the Burn Boot Camp Franchise. I grew up in Battle Creek, MI and graduated from Western Michigan University with a BSBA and focus on Food Marketing. I grew up believing the in order to be successful you had to climb the corporate ladder. Therefore, I  worked for the Kellogg Company right out of college and gained a lot of great experiences but quickly learned that my passion was not in that industry, and helping others reach their health and fitness goals was where I belonged!

In 2013 I joined forces with my husband Devan and together we built one of the nation’s best fitness programs! Burn Boot Camp has not only given me the platform to share my passion for healthy living but has also given me the confidence to achieve what I ever thought was possible for myself. As a mother to our beautiful daughter Cameron, I can relate to a lot of women and moms’ out there that often put themselves last in order to make sure everyone around them is taken care of. Having a place like Burn Boot Camp allows women to feel confident, empowered, motivated, and stronger than ever!

My mission is to spread our message to as many women as possible and change communities all over the world!

2. Development

Jolene Purchia, VP Brand Development

jolene1-200x300Elated to be part of an incredible team, my journey with Burn HQ began prior to Burn becoming a National Franchise.  Being part of our explosive growth first-hand has been awe-inspiring!  Having directed Marketing, Media, and Business Development here at Burn HQ, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time in each facet of the business and have embraced my role as VP of Brand Development with overwhelming enthusiasm.

Born and raised just outside of New York City, I graduated both President’s Medal winner and summa cum laude from Mercy College with a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology.

While in NY, I developed my love of working in a fast paced environment via my time spent on Wall Street.  More recently, I worked as the Special Events & Promotions Manager for a major casino where I created and executed large-scale events and marketing programs. During that time I also established and leveraged strategic business partnerships with large corporations. I’m most proud to say that I developed, hosted, and produced a game show in front of a weekly live audience of thousands!

Shortly after moving to North Carolina with my husband and two sons, I was introduced to Devan and Morgan Kline and Burn Boot Camp.  It was here I found my passion and transformed my mind and body! Fitness and the pursuit of mind-body health are now infused in my soul, as is the desire to share the same life-changing journey with the world.  As such, my primary focus at Burn is to build awareness for this amazing program and grow the brand on a global scale.

My other passions include beauty, fashion, and the procurement of an extensive shoe collection.  It is my belief that apple cider vinegar is the cure to all that ails you; check out my blog post on it here.

Amanda Hall, VP of Operations

I am a true southern girl, born and raised in Columbia, South Carolina. In 2000 I married the man of my dreams and we moved to Huntersville, NC. For over 17 years I worked in the telecommunications industry for Verizon Wireless. While I was there I had the opportunity to gain exposure to many sides of the business, including enterprise sales, system operations, management and retail. More importantly than being a career woman, I am a mom to two beautiful daughters.

The influence Burn Boot Camp has had on my life and my family has been truly inspiring. In 2012, I found Burn Boot Camp and quickly realized that this community was unlike any other. In a world that tells you everything you’re not, Burn Boot Camp is a place that tells you everything you are and can be! I found my inner athlete again and the value in being healthy in all aspects of my life physically, mentally and spiritually.

Combining my passion for fitness and business experience, I joined the Burn Boot Camp team as the Senior Director of Franchise Development in March 2016.  BBC is more than just a place to work or workout – it has become a community of women that inspire, encourage, and challenge you to be better than you were yesterday.

Meredith Byrd, Director of Marketing

I set a goal when I graduated college in 2012 that my career path would be one of true enjoyment. I wanted to be challenged and inspired daily, feel valued, and always wear comfy workout clothes each & every day. Seriously! Four years into my career, I’ve found the perfect blend that is all of the above! 🙂

When the opportunity came about to move to North Carolina to be the Director of Marketing for Burn Boot Camp, there was no way it wasn’t our next move. A fresh start as a newly married couple with our two dogs, Jax & Rue – what could be better?

With a degree in Kinesiology & Health, plus a career past filled with Marketing, Social Media Management and Graphic Design, Burn Boot Camp has given me the space to let my passions unite. Best yet, my husband Mark, also works for the company which brings even more joy to my workdays!

Burn Boot Camp is the truest community I’ve come in contact with, and I am very grateful to work an environment that has positivity and authenticity at it’s core.

Each day, I am inspired to make decisions that impact a growing faction of people nationwide who have decided to journey towards become the best version of themselves.

Mark Byrd, Director of Operations

When I took that leap of faith to support my wife, Meredith, in her new career, I realized that I too was ready for something more. Previously, a high school teacher and coach, I wasn’t ready to give up making a positive impact, but I was in need of a new source of inspiration.

In August of 2016, I took on the role as Director of Personal Trainers for the organization. Within this role, I’m able to take my training as a teacher and empower the trainers of Burn Boot Camp to elevate their knowledge of health & fitness to evoke change in their communities. Burn Boot Camp is different than any other workout on the market, and our trainers lead that charge. I also get to train camps daily in the Lake Norman area, which is impactful on its own. Seeing women take ownership of their health and fitness is a powerful transformation to watch take place!

I am excited to be a part of the Burn Boot Camp family, and very grateful that when I took that leap of faith, I landed in a community like this one!

3. Franchise Operation Coaches

Mila Cainey, Franchise Operations Coach/Communications

mila1-200x300I have been with Burn Boot Camp now for over 4 years and am currently the Franchise Operations Coach. I graduated from college at the University of North Carolina – Greensboro in 1996 and worked as a banking professional for nearly 20 years before making the transition to Burn Boot Camp. I don’t miss the corporate rat race and I love working with all the bright and creative minds that surround me at Burn Boot Camp.

Growing up in Colorado I grew to love being outdoors, working in the yard, going to the farmer’s market, cooking and learning new things. I have been married for 17 years and have 2 beautiful daughters, ages 15 and 12. Having struggled with those extra pounds so many mothers face, I attended my first boot camp in April of 2012 and am still enjoying the challenging workouts and the community of women who’ve enriched my life in so many ways.



Dayana Jackson, Franchise Operations Coach/Compliance

I fell in love with Burn Boot Camp in Naples, FL. The wonderful people there, both staff and fellow members, ignited my passion for Burn. After being a member for a few months, I knew I had to become a part of this movement.

Not only has Burn given me THE best and most challenging workouts of my life, but the sense of community and the friendships I have made here are truly amazing.

A native of Uruguay, I had lived in Florida for twelve years before relocating to Huntersville, NC. I graduated from Florida Gulf Coast University with a Bachelor’s degree in Communication. I have always been motivated by the joy of helping others and being a part of the Burn team helps me do that in more than one way. I feel very fortunate to do what I love every day and help make a difference in so many people’s lives.



Lisa Joffe, Franchise Operations Coach/Sales

lisa_joffeMy fitness journey began in high school when I was first introduced to group exercise classes like indoor cycling, strength conditioning, and yoga. I loved learning how to take care of myself through exercise and nutrition. This interest lead me to pursue a degree in Health and Exercise Science and share my passion for fitness with others through personal training and group classes.

Although I was successful helping others reach their goals, I felt my own workouts were becoming stale. I wanted to try something new so I signed up for Burn Boot Camp. From the first day, I was addicted to the challenging workouts and supportive community. Of all the facilities I had been to, nothing compared to Burn Boot Camp and I knew I had to be part of the team. In my role as a Franchise Operations Coach, I have the ability to help owners launch their Burn journeys and spread Burn across the nation!

4. Management

DJ Splain, Executive Assistant

djAfter graduating from UNC Asheville in 2015, I was on the hunt for THE job. You know, the one that didn’t feel like work, where you genuinely enjoyed being, and are valued. I was unsure what that looked like for me. But a year later, with the support of my husband, I found myself at the doors of Burn Boot Camp. While I had heard incredible things about Burn Boot Camp, I had never attended a camp before. Nor did I understand the magnitude of what Burn is. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. But now, I can’t imagine not being a part of Burn family. It’s THE job. A supportive team, endless learning opportunities, and a chance to see a small beginning become a nation wide movement. I get to be a spoke in the fast spinning, ground breaking, life changing wheel that is Burn Boot Camp. What more could a 22 year old ask for?

5. Retail

Christina de KAM, Director of Retail

christinaI first started at Burn Boot Camp when I joined the Mallard Creek location. Initially it was an outlet for me to work off stress but it became so much more in such a short time. I loved the sense of community and belonging you felt upon entering the building! I knew that Burn Boot Camp was something that would enrich all aspects of my life and I had to be apart of the team! In my role as Director of Retail it gives me so much joy to provide all of our Burn Boot Camp family members the opportunity to proudly wear our brand!

6. Careers