Ab Ripper Megaset - Burn Boot Camp

Ab Ripper Megaset

Work your core in this ab ripper megaset to help you get the 6-pack you want! Like other Burn Boot Camp routines this isn’t a typical ab workout. It goes beyond the usual ab crunches. In fact, there’s not one ab crunch in it. Instead it uses a combination of just three muscle defining moves. 6 Scissors, 6 Hip Hikes, 6 Bikes, 6 Hip Hikes, and back to 6 Scissors! Do this ab ripper megaset consecutively without stopping. Take minimal rest and do it again! Your ab workout should consists of 5 of these mega sets. This entire video shows you one set! I did it in less than 45 seconds. How fast can you do it? Try to beat me and let me know in the comments below if you met the challenge!