Devan Anderson - Burn Boot Camp

Devan Anderson

I graduated from the University of Texas with a B.S. In Kinesiology: Health Promotion and Fitness. I grew up with a huge passion for all athletics, and played golf as a full scholared athlete. After three years of playing professionally on tour, I went back to get my masters in Physiotherapy in The Netherlands to further increase my knowledge and passion for exercise, the human body, and performance. I am grateful to now be able to combine my education, experience, sport competitiveness, and passion to help and motivate those around me.

I have faced many challenges in life, but the motivation to be a Burn Athlete was certainly something extremely unique. The thought of completing highly demanding exercises, with perfect form, in under 10 minutes… was truly intimidating! With the support of my colleagues and BBC family, I was able to not only accomplish this mission, but kill my goal time and break an 8:00 minute mark! The accomplishment of being a Burn Athlete may be one thing, but the ability to motivate, help, and change people’s lives is by far the most rewarding feeling ever. I will forever represent the mission of changing people’s and families lives through the gateway of fitness, nutrition, and community bonding. The BBC family has changed my life and outlook on community, friend, colleague, and family support, all via fitness and conquering both mental and physical challenges. I am sure BBC will do the same for anyone who steps foot in our doors! High Fives all around!