Emmitt Terrell - Burn Boot Camp

Emmitt Terrell

I came to health and fitness through being a highly competitive athlete. As a chubby but talented youth athlete I knew my only path to playing Division 1 football was to learn the most I could about supplying my body with the best nutrition and training it well. I was always seeking to be the BEST version of myself in my athletic pursuits and academic endeavours as well as giving myself the best chances to excel.

As an Ivy League student athlete at Cornell University I was challenged on a daily basis both in the athletic arena and in the classroom at the highest level. I am motivated to be a Burn Athlete to serve as an exemplary leader to my clients. I came from a humble place and through commitment, consistent hard work and application of great information I have achieved an extraordinary level of strength and fitness. I want to show them that they TOO can accomplish their goals if they’re willing to put in the work. Burn Athlete exemplifies being the ELITE of the most ELITE trainers in the world and I am proud to be ranked among them. I am motivated by being considered in the best of the best.

The Burn Mission is to serve our clients at the highest level. It is my personal mission to enlighten and uplift my clients so that they may become the best version of themselves so they can show up better in their lives for the ones that they love!