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Benefits of Burpees

Just hearing the word burpee may strike fear into some people. They can be intimidating for sure. For some people,  doing one can make you feel like cussing!  But there are a lot of benefits of burpees. The exercise offers heart-racing cardio. It works almost every muscle in your body at the same time. They are great for strength-building. Burpees equal high intensity training that destroy fat.

Now you probably know, Burn Boot Camp loves a challenge. But we also want you to be safe. With any exercise pay attention to your target heart-rate zone. You want to exercise with enough intensity that you benefit from the exercise but not so intense that you endanger your health.

Here’s how to determine your maximal heart rate: 220 minus your age. The high end of your target zone is 85% of that number; the low end is 70% . If you’re 40 years old, your maximal heart rate is 180, and your target zone is 126-153 beats per minute.

I’ll show you exactly how to do one. This video is from Burn Boot Camps Commit 2 Fit challenge. The challenge is over but feel free to give this one a try.