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Building Muscle Through Supersets

February 4, 2016

Burn Boot Camp has a new protocol every week that helps keep your body guessing with a combination of cardio and strength themes. This is why our workouts are so successful and people achieve their desired fitness goals. One style of weight training that we recommend and coach is called supersetting. 

What is a superset? A superset is when you combine two exercises back to back targeting the same muscle group. The key to performing effective supersets is not to rest in between the two exercises.

The most effective way to build muscle is to combine a weighted exercise with a non weighted exercise. For example, perform chest press until failure then perform a set number of push ups until failure. Doing this will increase your muscular gains through a process called overloading. This can be achieved with medium to heavy weights or lighter weights if a spotter is not available.

The failout philosophy is to perform a set of an exercise until your muscles can physically no longer do another rep. Using the triceps as an example: Perform a set of tricep extensions using medium weights until you can no longer do a single rep, then immediately do a set of tricep pushups until failure.

You can also perform supersets with two exercises, each with a set number of desired reps that you would like to achieve. Again, back to back without rest is a strongly recommended.

What are the benefits of supersets?

To help avoid that 4-6 week plateau, supersets is a great way to change your workouts and keep them interesting. Supersets are also a faster way to workout. Without resting between the exercises you will keep your muscles guessing through increased intensity. At the same time you will drastically be improving your strength. This will also save you time as you are only allowed 30-60 seconds of rest between supersets.

Types of Supersets

  • Compound Supersets
    This type requires two compound exercises that works several muscles groups at once. An example would be squats followed by lunges with weights.
  • Opposing Muscle Group Supersets
    This technique targets opposing muscle groups allowing one muscle to rest while you work out the other. Example: Bicep curls then tricep kickbacks.
  • Tri Supersets
    This is my personal favorite. This technique requires performing three exercises all targeting the same muscle group. Example: Chest press, push ups and chest flies.

Try this killer strength/plyometric superset workout to build Lean, Strong Legs!

Remember that changing your workout routine is critical to gaining muscle. Muscles remember the same movements and supersets are a fast and easy way to avoid plateaus and achieve major gains with your workouts. 
Let Burn Boot Camp lead you in nutrition and workouts to achieve you desired goals. Visit us at to find a location near you to get started!.


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