Burn Boot Camp 100 Rep Workout - Burn Boot Camp

Burn Boot Camp 100 Rep Workout

You read that right! 100 Reps!! It’s a crazy workout from your trainers at Burn Boot Camp. Isn’t that part of the fun? Pushing yourself farther than you thought you could go. It’s how we keep moving forward. With each Burn Boot Camp workout you feel a little stronger. You finish a little faster. You get a little closer to your goal. For this all you need is a pull up bar, a jump rope and a positive attitude! You’ll be doing 5 different exercises: Push-Ups, Jump Lunges, Plank Rolls, Hanging Ab Raises, Jump Rope Double-Unders. You’ll see how to do each one when you click on the video. You’ll also get the protocol and time limits to the workout. Have fun!