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Devan Kline’s Full Body Burn Boot Camp Workout Routine

October 19, 2016

Devan Kline’s Full Body Burn Boot Camp Workout Routine

Don’t be intimidated by the video of this routine! Because if you keep reading, you will see that you can work up to this with progressions. As a personal trainer, I am very realistic with my clients. Because I am showing you a very intense version of this routine,  I’ve included resources that WILL help you build up to this if you are willing to put in the effort!

This routine is a Full Body Strength and Conditioning Circuit for anyone looking to get results out of their workout. I am a specialist in quick, effective, functional routines that allow you to look great and perform well.

The following routine should be completed for 45 minutes getting through as many exercises as possible. A great goal to shoot for is 3 rounds in 45 minutes. If you get past three rounds, keep it rolling until the timer is up!

1. Terra-Core Double Press Pyramid x 1-5-1

The Terra-Core is an awesome piece of equipment! You can find one of these here. Otherwise, you can use a bench, a Bosu Ball, or the ledges to the floor at any Burn Boot Camp Facility. A “pyramid set” in exercise is starting with one rep, building up to a certain number of reps, and working your way back down. See the video in this post for a visual example.

2. Box Jumps x 20

Don’t get intimidated by the height I am using here. Since I am a former professional athlete  I need a high box to challenge my ability level. Therefore, you can use a smaller box, a set of stairs, or the ledge of the floating floor at Burn. Overall, just be sure to challenge yourself in a safe manner.

3. Double Under Jumprope x 100

Double Unders are my favorite exercise. There was a point in time when these were challenging for me. I have a full on educational progression for you to learn how to do double unders. Click here to watch the video, you can build up to double unders over time, I promise!

4. Farmers Walk x 2 x 50 Yards

Simple country movement here! This exercise originates from the way farm hands would carry wheelbarrows and buckets of cow’s milk. All you do is just pick up the weight, stand with a strong posture, and walk while maintaining scapular retraction. Because you are definitely strong in this position, challenge yourself with heavy weights!

5. Muscle Ups (or Pull Ups) x 10

I understand that only those with elite levels of fitness can perform this movement. But there was a point in time where I couldn’t even come close. It’s all about practice! So, you will most likely start with this pull up progression video to condition muscles to be strong enough to attempt this. Don’t count yourself out of anything, no matter where you are today, you can begin working towards this goal.

6. Kettle Bell Deadlift on Terra Core

Standing on the Terra Core will challenge your lower body and core stablizing muscle groups. In addition, you can also perform this exercise without an unstable surface and simply take it to the ground. Since I am all about efficiency, I challenge you to add a Terra Core to really feel the burn.

7. Hurdle Jumps x 3

As you can see in this video, I have quite the hurdle set up going. You can use smaller hurdles, cones, lines, agility ladders, or simply no equipment at all! Be sure that you “tuck” your knees up into your chest each jump to activate your core muscles. Also, if you want to take it up a level, go ahead and add a 360 at the end.

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