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Eat Healthy While You’re Traveling

Make Healthier Choices

You’re already dreading that 8-hour car ride to Florida. To make it worse, you’re probably dreading the food choices you’ll have to make during your stops.

It’s easy to grab chips and a soda when you’re crunched for time or when you feel absolutely exhausted. We get it!

Luckily, we want to help you make the healthiest decision when you’re choosing between the good, the bad and the ugly during any travel plans. Emmitt Terrell, the Head Trainer at Burn Boot Camp Holly Springs, is giving us his personal tour around the gas station so we can make better choices.

Protein Is Your Priority

At Burn Boot Camp, our nutrition foundation is based on clean, whole foods. We advocate creating the perfect balance between protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats.

Additionally, that perfect balance should consist of primarily proteins. Aiming to consume 100 grams of protein helps you maintain muscle mass by also shedding fat.

Emmitt’s first stop is the jerky aisle. His number one tip is to avoid the foods with long ingredients lists. They’ll most likely contain sugar, as well as other chemical ingredients.

Make sure you read labels to find the jerky without sugar or artificial ingredients. Fill your body with foods that will keep you full!

Protein shakes are great options, too. You can simply tell by the name that they’re packed with protein to keep our stomachs full and calories low.

Even though the name sells itself, there are still rules you should follow. Core protein shakes have potassium and high protein content, which makes them great for traveling. Don’t forget that packing some Afterburn in your tumbler can help you get protein in, too.

Finally, if you can’t get a protein shake, grab a protein bar. Look out for whey protein or milk concentrate protein. You want to choose a protein bar that has less than 9 grams of sugar. This will keep your energy up to avoid a sugar crash.

Fiber is the last thing to check off the list. Fiber will keep you full longer and regulate your body!

Watch The Fats

Consuming healthy fats help to regulate your body, as well as burn stored fat. Despite common myths, these fats are great for you!

Nuts are great sources of both protein and fats. Unfortunately, we can’t make our diet consist of only almonds. When you’re choosing a nutty snack, be aware of the mixes that contain candy, sugars or artificial flavorings. Make sure you’re choosing one ingredient mixes like almonds.

If you want to satisfy a sweet tooth with your nuts, try some dried fruits. Look for dried fruits that are low in sugar like berries.

The Big No-No’s

You might be tempted by the packaged crackers and other snacks that hang aimlessly in the aisles, but avoid them at all costs!

These packaged snacks are nothing but sugar, refined carbs and chemicals. Once you eat one, you won’t be able to stop.

Drink Up!

Don’t get the wrong idea… when we say “drink up,” we mean water!

Keep your water simple and flavor free. Make sure you’re drinking at least a 128 fl. ounces or your body weight in ounces a day.

We wish you safe travels for this holiday season and the rest of the year. Tune into Burn TV LIVE every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7 pm for more information on how to live your healthiest life.