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Exercise Away Toxins

Sometimes it happens. You over indulge. Whether its at the holidays, a birthday party or some other special occasion. OK you made a mistake. Now what? What you DON’T do is tell yourself it’s too late and just back slide on all your hard work. Instead, you flush exercise away toxins you consumed with some burst exercises to get your blood flowing. Come┬áto Burn Boot Camp and we can help you or do this routine on your own. Oh and water, lots of water. This video will tell you how much and let me just say, the old 8 glasses a day is nothing! In order to exercise away toxins and get your diet back on track, you are going to do a series of three exercises: A pickup, the Greenbay and the sprinter. 20 seconds on. 20 seconds off. You can do anything for 20 seconds right?