Focus On Your Goals For 2017 - Burn Boot Camp

Focus On Your Goals For 2017

Develop Laser Focus

Ring in the New Year right with your goals in mind. Unfortunately, we build up hype about starting over only to fall victim to our former bad habits.

Burn Boot Camp is encouraging you to push harder and become stronger than ever. Chris Palmiero, the Head Trainer at Burn Boot Camp Ashburn, is giving us our dose of motivation.

Keep It Small

We like to steer clear of the word “resolution” here at Burn Boot Camp. Resolution implies that your change is temporary, when it should be permanent.

Recently, we’ve rolled out our Raise The Bar program to help our clients make small changes that will stick in a big way. Our goal is to make every life we touch a happy and healthy one.

Your goals should be exciting, not daunting. The moment you become scared of reaching your goal, the moment you stop working towards it.

Don’t Focus On The Numbers

Weight loss is one of the most popular goals that we hear. Weight loss is also the toughest goal to reach when sticking to a fitness regimen.

Our first instinct is to watch the scale, but as Chris put it, watching the scale is like watching water boil.

Instead, focus on the things you can control, like making it to the gym 5 days a week or reaching your nutrition goals. These small changes will build up to reach a larger goal.

Schedule Time

Your goals should be a priority. We use excuses to relieve ourselves of the burden to have to do something we really don’t want to do.

We schedule other priorities like meetings, picking the kids up from school and cooking dinner. So, why should making it to camp, or the gym, be any different?

Schedule your date with the gym every day to stay committed. Find a friend to help you reach your goals and stick to your schedule.

The Buddy System

It’s more fun to work out with a friend or a group of friends. Having someone push you can aid in the productivity and ease of the workout.

You’re not only reaching goals, but you’re doing it together with your friend. Grab your friend and get going!

State Your Goals

It’s important that you share your goals with other people. By sharing your goals on Facebook or with a group of friends, you’re holding yourself accountable.

Hopefully the people you surround yourself with will want to see you succeed. You can always count on your peers in camp or in the gym to help you reach your goals!

Keep Records

Tracking your progress can reinforce motivation and give you a sense of accomplishment. Some ways to keep track of your weight loss can be taking measurements or pictures.

Focus meetings with your Burn Boot Camp trainer are the best way to see where you’re at with BMI, weight and measurements. Scheduling these meetings regularly will help you see your progress.

Celebrate Your Victories

Let’s say you’ve gone 4 months straight of reaching your goal of losing 2 1/2 lbs a month. That’s incredible!

It’s your time to celebrate, but try to celebrate in a “goal conscious” way. Celebrating your weight loss with a cake probably isn’t your best idea, but don’t let your victories go unnoticed. Instead of indulging with foods, indulge with a spa day or a new pair of shoes!


You might run into obstacles during your course of reaching your goal. That’s ok! It happens to everyone, despite the goal is.

You’ll need to reassess your plan of attack in order to overcome that obstacle. If you’re trying to lose weight and have hit a plateau, changing your nutrition a little or your training plan could be enough to jump start your weight loss again.

Don’t Give Up

At the end of the day, you’re a human. You will make mistakes, and you will have those thoughts of wanting to quit. Understand that those thoughts will pass with time only to make you stronger.

Celebrate the fact that you’re sticking to your little goal to reach a much bigger goal. If you slip up, learn from it and hop back into the saddle with more drive.

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