Burn Boot Camp has an incredible story of how it all began. To know how incredible this story truly is, we need to start on October 15, 1987 when our Founder Devan Kline was brought into this world.

Devan was brought up in Battle Creek, Michigan in a low-end neighborhood. Unlike most of his friends, Devan found himself in a household full of alcoholism, violence, and frequent visits by the local police. Devan’s mother and father were both victims of each others domestic violence and would often trickle down to Devan and his siblings.
Determined to not become a product of the environment he was raised in, Devan quickly had to learn how to live life on his own without parental guidance. At the age of 12, God sent Devan an angel by the name of Morgan Stevens, who would be Devan’s rock through these tough times.

Over the next 5 years, Morgan and Devan would not only become best friends, but rather infatuated with each other. Self-motivated, Devan finished high school with honors and earned a scholarship to play baseball at Central Michigan University. During this time, his father would make several trips in and out of prison as a product of his alcohol abuse, which only brought them closer.

After excelling on and off the ball field, Devan was fortunate enough to be drafted by the San Francisco Giants Baseball Club where he would spent the next 3 seasons before being released.

Devan was always a leader of his sports teams. Growing up with his circumstances he was forced to grow into adulthood very quickly which transitioned into a leadership role on the field. As he excelled in sport, he developed an extreme passion for happy and healthy lifestyle through the gateway of fitness, nutrition, positive mindset, and refused to let his past determine who he would ultimately become.

Throughout his baseball career Devan developed this passion even deeper as he traveled the country playing baseball and staying with various host families. It was a revelation to Devan to see how normal families function as a broken home is all he knew. For once, he got to experience what motherhood could have been like growing up. Homemade meals, clean laundry, and unconditional love and respect caused Devan to reciprocate. As he traveled from family to family over the years, he would assist the families with their health, nutrition, and fitness plans.

Devan got a chance to experience how building happiness through health spread throughout the household. How helping a mom put herself first made all of her relationships flourish. This brought a unparalleled level of satisfaction he had never experienced before. “If my family would have lived by the principles I teach my clients, maybe things would have been different. But I don’t regret anything, I blame my parents for a lot of bad things, but I also have to blame them for the man they helped me become today.”

These moments did not breed an “Ah ha!” moment to come up with a brand that focuses on family and community happiness, but the world would later find out that these moments shaped the foundation to what Burn would ultimately become.

After being released from the San Francisco Giants, Devan and Morgan would live together in Naples, Florida. Morgan, who had started her career in the food marketing industry, stuck by Devan’s side through thick and thin. Devan turned his passion for health and fitness into a personal training career where he recalled the satisfaction gained from helping women help themselves and harnessed that to create a group training program called “Lightning 900”.

This program quickly became the most popular fitness program in Naples and transformed into founding concept of Burn Boot Camp.

When Morgan announced that she would be getting a promotion to Charlotte, North Carolina the couple picked up and moved north so Morgan could follow her dreams. Little did she know, her dream hadn’t even begun yet.

Upon their arrival Devan needed a place to live out his passion, and coming from no money, couldn’t sign a commercial lease. Devan secured a sub-lease at a local gymnastics center in Huntersville, NC. He would never look back from here. After gathering 21 local women to train with him for what is now our “Rapid Fat Loss Program” Burn Boot Camp quickly exploded.

Within only 5 months Devan was helping over 250 women realize that putting themselves first was the least selfish thing they could do. That taking care of #1 actually allowed all aspects of their lives to positively benefit. This concept caught absolute fire in the Lake Norman, NC area.

Devan and Morgan were ready to take the next step. They opened their first Burn Boot Camp facility in Huntersville, NC at 311 Gilead Road. The life-long sweethearts then got engaged at the age of 24. Morgan committed to opening Cornelius, NC and they soon after launched Mooresville, NC and Denver, NC. These 4 locations would become the foundation to a nationwide phenomenon.

Much to their shock, fitness professionals by the name of Mike Hartshorne and Erin Studdard reached out to the couple wanting to partner with the emerging brand. They created a licensing agreement to bring Burn to Durham, NC and Concord, NC.

This is the point where they knew they had something special.

In February 2015, Devan and Morgan officially become a nationally accepted fitness franchise. The rest was history. Setting out to partner with fitness professionals and owners who not only matched their passion, but bought into the vision that Burn Boot Camp would be the fitness program that shifts the paradigm of the way gyms are operated in the United States.

Devan and Morgan have appeared on television and magazines hundreds of times in dozens of different markets setting the example for the future trainers that would partner with their brand.

Their mission is to influence moms to put themselves first and lead them to adopt a lifestyle that breeds confidence, creates REAL change, and ultimately changes the way their family lives their lives.

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