Are you looking for an affordable franchise? Are you into fitness?  What if we told you, you could have both an affordable franchise in the fitness industry and get involved with a premier, nationally known fitness franchise… Well you can, with Burn Boot Camp!

When you ask anyone in the fitness industry what is takes to get results you’ll likely get the same old answer “DIET & EXERCISE”. At Burn Boot Camp we know there is so much more that goes into it than just eating right and running on a treadmill. We know the blood, sweat and tears it takes to reach your goals and have America’s best trainers to make sure our clients not only reach their goals, but exceed what they ever thought possible.

Burn Boot Camp’s Philosophy

MINDSET – To change the body, you must first change the mind! A true transformation starts by knowing there will be hardships and preparing yourself to overcome them. Our expert trainers are not only well equipped with creative workouts, but ready to coach you through all of the ups and downs that come with life. During our Burn Boot Camp “Focus Meetings”, you’ll be able to get personal with your trainer and address the obstacles that have hindered your personal growth in the past. Become a better all around person by strengthening your mind before strengthening your body.

WHOLE FOOD NUTRITION – You can’t out-train your diet! Whole food nutrition will help you build health from the inside out. Your results are a by-product of a healthy mind, and healthy diet. During your “optionally mandatory” focus meetings, we give you customized nutrition and meal planning recommendations that fit your lifestyle. There are no cookie cutter meal plan recommendations at Burn. As a very results-oriented program, we will help you balance your nutrition habits to make eating healthy and feeling great realistic and achievable.

BURST TRAINING – The best way on the Planet to burn body fat is known as Burst Training. These high intensity intervals will leave your body eating away at fat cells for up to 72 hours after their completion. This is called the, “metabolic effect” and is a scientific approach to getting you lean, toned, and athletic in no time. Forget boring treadmills and rowing machines. Your body is the most unique piece of equipment you own, and we will use it wisely! These efficient and effective “bursts” will have you looking at cardio in new light, you haven’t experienced “fat burn” until you’ve consistently trained Burn Boot Camp Burst Style!

STRENGTH TRAINING – Building lean muscle through hypertrophic strength training allows your body to burn more calories at rest, shape your physique, and ultimately keep that unwanted body fat off! Burn’s outside-the-box strength training protocols focus on empowering you to complete the most common desired performance goals. Push up goals? No problem. Pull up goals? Let’s do it. Squat dreams? All day. You are already stronger than you think you are, and at Burn our community of women will strive towards exceeding what you’ve ever thought possible!

COMMUNITY – We stand strong, we stand together, we are the women of Burn. Our Burn women are a group of like-minded people who go through similar ups and downs of life. Our positive, encouraging, and motivating environment is a breeding ground for success and confidence. There are no judgments, no negativity, and no stopping you from being successful. Burn creates lasting friendships that ultimately create incredible accountability, which leads to results. In a community where achieving your results are inevitable, you will have a lot of fun working out in a motivating, positive, and energetic atmosphere.

What is Burn Boot Camp All About?
Burn Boot Camp is one of the fastest growing fitness lifestyle movements in the world. Burn is quickly becoming the premier way to for women to create a community of health and happiness, together. We offer America’s best Certified Personal Trainers Mentored by our Founder and nationally recognized fitness expert, Devan Kline. Our 45-minute camps are safe, effective, and efficient to maximize results through our proprietary of workouts that are never repeated and embody the mantra of “getting better every day”. At Burn, we are very results oriented within a positive, motivating, and encouraging environment.

What Does It Take To Become a Burn Owner?
Our ideal owner lives a healthy lifestyle and has a relentless passion for teaching women that anything is possible. Burn owners are expected to be diligent with a strong work ethic. Being a successful Burn owner takes responsibility, attention to detail, and strong business acumen.

How Much Does It Cost To Become An Owner?
Startup costs range from $105,630 to $168,900,  which includes the $30,000Franchise Fee. Cost may vary primarily due to variance in market and total square footage of your facility. The facility must be 3,500 square foot or larger.

Included in the franchise fee comes some of the best support in the fitness industry. As an owner you are required to attend a 6 Day Business Training Program called “Burn University”. Ongoing training virtually conducted on a weekly and monthly basis. Each year Burn holds the Burn Franchise Summit where owners from all over the country will come together to support each other, learn new business development strategies, and strategize to further solidify Burn as the premier lifestyle program for women in the world.

How Much Money Do I Need To Be Considered For Ownership?
Burn Boot Camp requires prospective owners to carry a minimum of $100,000 in liquid assets.

What Are Fees Associated with Owning a Burn?
Burn Boot Camp requires a 5% Royalty Fee and 2% Marketing and Advertising Fee for a total of 7%. The 2% Marketing and Advertising Fee is used by Headquarters to further develop the brand in a way that is equally advantageous to each individual location. Burn also has locations owned by our Founders who contribute to this ad fund equally.

How is Burn Boot Camp Different from Other Franchises?
At Burn Boot Camp, we offer a business model unique to the industry. Our proprietary workout program ran by America’s best trainers infuses explosive workouts styles and formats so that no one workout is ever repeated twice. We offer Focus Meetings that encompass nutrition counseling, body diagnostics, lifestyle coaching, and customized meal recommendations. We provide Franchise Operations Coaches to walk owners through the steps of their business and to support them on a weekly basis. Most importantly, a childcare program that is free to our clients so they can get their workout in without stress or worry on behalf of their children. Among several other areas of over deliverance, we offer Burn Boot Camp Online, Burn Nutrition supplements, Shaklee supplements, customized retail line, and the best workout surface the fitness industry has to offer appropriately named our “floating foam floor”.

What Kind of Exercise Equipment Will I Need To Purchase?
At Burn, we don’t use machines, we ARE machines! Traditional fitness equipment is quickly fading and our own bodies’ possess the greatest piece of equipment there is to offer. In fact, the open box format of our locations combined with ancillary equipment allows Burn to ALWAYS stand ahead of the fitness industry trends. We have third party vendors who customize and brand Burn Boot Camp equipment to fit our motto that arrive at your facility ready to unpack and get after it!

How Do I Make Money?
Being a lifestyle brand and not “just another workout program”.
Our model is built on multiple revenue streams to support that lifestyle. At the core of our business Burn Boot Camp Memberships, Burn Apparel, Burn Nutrition, Shaklee Nutrition, Co-Ed Sessions, Kidz Camp, Burn Elite Youth Speed and Agility, Burn Yoga, Globody Spray Organic Spray Tanning, Online Affiliate Programs and Workout DVD’s. There is no shortage of ways to make money, but our philosophy is that money is a byproduct of influence you are able to gain over the community and clients you serve.

This Is Exactly What I Am Looking For, How Do I Become a Part Of The Burn Boot Camp Family?
All you need to do to get the process started is fill out the form to your right and submit your inquiry to one of our skilled and knowledgeable Franchise Awarding Agents. We take extreme pride in our amazing organization and we award territories rather than sell them. If you are worthy of owning a Burn Franchise we will reach out to you with the next steps!

The Burn Boot Camp mission is to help families find health and happiness through the gateway of fitness and friendships. If you thrive off a career that you are extremely passionate about, then Burn is for you!

If you are not afraid of hard work, early mornings, late nights, and over-delivering for your clients then you are a perfect Burn Owner. This business is NOT for those looking to work less and play more. If you have a burning desire to become influential in your community, our marketing and PR experts will show you exactly how.

If you understand that the success of your business is a direct reflection of the amount of value that you add to your community, Burn is for you. If you are passionate about philanthropy, giving back to those in need, and being a role model for your community, then Burn is for you!

If you have always wanted a career that was extremely profitable and that helps others achieve their dreams while achieving yours, you are the PERFECT Burn Boot Camp owner and we would be proud to award you a location.

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1. Let’s Get Started!

Do you have a passion for health and fitness? Do you possess a keen sense of business acumen and an entrepreneurial spirit? Are you interested in becoming part of the nationwide movement creating lasting positive change, one community at a time? Then Burn Ownership may be for you! Fill out our contact sheet and a member of our Headquarters team will be in touch shortly!

2. Meet & Greet

During our initial conversation we would love to know why you want to join our #BurnFamily. We will review any general questions you may have and get to know one another!

3. Are you in?

Ready to take the next steps? We will send you a simple Request for Consideration along with a Confidentiality Statement for you to complete. After submission of these documents, you may receive a copy of our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) which provides detail about our system, business model, and revenue streams.

4. Location Selection

Our conversations continue as we discern the ideal location to place your facility.

5. Discovery Day

Discovery Day takes place at Burn Boot Camp World Headquarters in Huntersville, NC. Expect to meet the entire HQ team from Franchise Support, Marketing,Technology, Brand Development, Operations, and the Retail team. You’ll have a first-hand look inside of Burn Operations. We will wrap the day with any remaining questions you may have. Don’t forget to join us for a workout, after all, we practice what we preach!

6. Welcome to the Burn Family!

Once Burn HQ has approved your request, and you have approved us, we will set your signing date. At that time, you will receive your Franchise Agreement awarding you your franchise. Welcome to the FAMILY! Let’s start changing lives together!

Enter Your Information to Be Considered for Ownership