Full Body Workout - Burn Boot Camp

Full Body Workout

At Burn Boot Camp a full body workout will challenge you like no other. You might think you can’t. We know you can. It can be intimidating. What you need to realize is that┬ánearly everyone in that room started the same way you did–a little unsure. Those people you are watching in awe were you a few weeks, a few months ago. We don’t expect you to walk in the door and be able to pull off the most advanced moves. In fact, we don’t want you to try those versions until you are ready. We want you to get fit but we want to do it safely. That’s why every exercise we do has a modification fit for any beginner. Even our go-to exercises like jump squats, push ups, jump lunges and high-knees have modifications. Start with those if you need to. But I promise, ┬áif you keep working at it, if you practice, it won’t be long before you’ll be doing the moves we are! Morgan will show you this full body workout with modifications.