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Grab A Partner And Get To Work

August 12, 2016

Two Is Better Than One

On days you’re lagging to get to the gym, don’t skip out – grab a partner! Most people are more motivated when they have a friend to encourage them and push them harder.

At Burn Boot Camp, we love a partner workout every once in awhile. Teamwork is a big part of fitness success, and what better way to do that than building a community?

Don’t Know What To Do?

Kyle Lane, Head Trainer at Burn Boot Camp Elizabeth shows us several partner workouts that we use in camp.

From amping up the heart rate to practicing core stability, these moves are guaranteed to get you in shape and keep you entertained.

Here are the moves:

  • Sit-Up with Med Ball or Hand Clap
  • High Plank High Fives (add Push-Up)
  • Partner 1 does Heismans or Jump Knee Tucks between ankles of Partner 2 while Partner 2 holds a Plank.
  • Dragonfly
  • Partner 1 holds Wall-Sit while Partner 2 does dips on Partner 1’s Knees.
  • For a Mod-Up, Partner 1 stays in Push-Up position while Partner 2 does Wall Push-Ups.

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