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How Deepal Changed Her Life by Franchising with Burn Boot Camp

July 3, 2024

Deepal knew that she wanted to be involved in Burn Boot Camp immediately after her first 45 minutes on the Floating Floor. She could feel the impact of the community from her first Camp and knew that this was a life-changing experience.

Burn Boot Camp had such a strong and lasting impression that Deepal signed a Franchise Disclosure Document without even telling her husband. “It was just that gut feeling. It was my heart telling me to do it and I just went for it,” she recalled. She and her husband looked into multiple different franchises but decided to invest in Burn Boot Camp for reasons beyond the impact the workouts and community had on her life. One of her favorite parts of franchising with Burn Boot Camp is the unmatched business support that is provided at a headquarters level. We are in business with our Franchise partners and alongside them every step of the way, “I think the support is really important and the fitness product is everything. The work is done for me, for the most part, and I think that’s huge. The support that we get is so important.” From operational support to marketing plans to training and education, Burn Boot Camp gives you the tools that you need to thrive.

“Burn, to me, is believing in myself. I think that is something that it’s taught me. I didn’t have that confidence before I opened this gym, before I walked through the doors on day one. I think it taught me that I have what it takes to do what I want to do. It changed my life.

Before Burn Boot Camp, Deepal felt unfulfilled and unappreciated in her career. “I had a job that was great and paid the bills, but I didn’t love it,” she said about her previous job. Now as a Burn Boot Camp Franchise Partner, she intentionally provides her team with the recognition and support that she didn’t feel before Burn. Each person on her team, from Trainers to Operations Managers, started out with Burn Boot Camp as a Member. Deepal’s love for this brand can be felt by her entire team. When asked about life as a Burn Boot Camp Franchise Partner, she says, “Burn has taught me that you can do the things you love, and that’s what I do for Burn. I want to wake up Monday morning. I want to be here at 4:30 in the morning. I love what I do.”

Deepal has not only seen an impact in her life after franchising with Burn Boot Camp, but she has seen the effects it has on her family as well. “My kids watch us every day. They will randomly do burpees at home, and I would rather them do that instead of playing video games,” she states. As Deepal and her husband take steps to a better lifestyle, they notice that their kids are paying attention and following in their footsteps. “It’s teaching them the importance of taking care of yourself. The culture that I come from, there was no concept of health and fitness. It feels good for them to see we’re taking the steps to a better lifestyle.”

“What you do outside of these doors is so much harder than what you do in Camp. These 45 minutes are a lot easier than what you’re going to do outside of here. I love the feeling of how much better of a mom I was, how better of a wife I was when I left the gym doors, that’s what it really came down to.”

When asked what she would say to someone who is considering owning their own Burn Boot Camp location, she said, “If your heart is in it, just do it. It’s a tough ‘yes’, but if you believe in the product, if you believe in yourself, I say you need to go for it… If you love it, you need to do it.” Deepal hopes to continue growing her gym and her goal is to open more locations, becoming a multi-unit Franchise Partner. She is able to change the lives of over 500 Members in her Prosper, Texas gym, and sees at least 340 people walk through her doors every day. She loves seeing the effect that her team has on each Member who walks into her gym. She wants to build her team so they can continue to grow and make an impact on their community, “If I am given the opportunity and I’m blessed enough to be able to change people’s lives, I think I owe it to the community. That’s what my plan is… I need to continue doing this not just for myself, but for the people that are counting on me.”

If you’re interested in becoming a Burn Boot Camp Franchise Partner or have questions about what bringing Burn to your community could mean for you, we’d love to chat. Schedule a call with us so we can learn more about your story and how Burn Boot Camp could fit into your life. We can’t wait to connect with you.

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