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Ignite Your Fire: Muscle Ups & Our New Podcast

February 8, 2018

Devan Kline

Your workouts will not do themselves. Your food will not cook itself. Your goals will not complete themselves. Right now is a time for you to dial it in and take it to the next level. I cannot motivate you. I can only inspire you to dig deep inside yourself and bring out the motivation that has always been there!

Here are five resources to help you ignite your fire and reach your goals!

1. JUST LAUNCHED: The Burn Boot Camp Podcast, Listen to “The Founders Story”

Have you ever wondered how Burn Boot Camp got its start? Take a deep dive into the story of Burn with the first episode of my brand new podcast! I’m so grateful that since our launch over 3,000 of you tuned into listen to my story…it fills me up to know you care about me as much as I care about you! I promise to keep that fire coming and give you all of my best tips, tricks, and secrets!

 2. Muscle Ups: A Tutorial On How You Can Begin Your Journey To Mastering this Movement

On the surface, you may think you’ll never be able to do this. I used to think the same until I developed this 5-step process to mastering muscle-ups! It’s not that you can’t do something, it’s just that you haven’t yet. If you have big fitness aspirations, add this to your list to keep your mind on performance goals. Following these steps, you should be able to complete one in 6-12 months even if you can’t do a single pull up right now!

3. Nutrition Q and A: Organic Food, Pre-Workout Snacks, and Intermittent Fasting

I went LIVE on Facebook taking your questions about nutrition–join the conversation! I cover a range of things, from what to buy at the grocery store to complex dieting solutions. Sit back, grab a bag of brussels spouts, and join me as I kick knowledge for 30 minutes! Knowledge isn’t power, but only potential power. After you’re done listening, go take action!

4. Episode 7: “What The F*tness?”  with Head Trainer Matt Morris and I.

Matt and I are back at it! Our Burn HQ Head Trainer, Matt Morris, and I get a little crazy on the set of Burn Studio Co. with 12 unique and crazy exercises. Do me a favor, just don’t laugh when I fall on my face!

5. Get Rid of “Bat Wings” With CORRECT Form

My favorite triceps exercise utilizes a resistance band, and I’ve used this move to strengthen up the triceps of my clients! I show you the correct and incorrect way to do this exercise. You can do this exercise pretty much anywhere as long as you have a resistance band!


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