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Jump Squats

What you are about to hear is going to make some of you think I’ve officially lost my mind. I am going to challenge you to do 1,000 jump squats. That’s not a typo. That’s 1,000 jump squats. I know that’s alot. It is, after all, called a challenge (that’s how we do at Burn Boot Camp)!

Many of you probably already incorporate squats into your work out routine. Jump squats are a plyometric exercise. Olympic athletes were the first to use plyometric exercises to build strength but eventually the rest of the world figured out their benefit too. ┬áJump squats help you build explosive power. Don’t be scared by the sound of that. Plyometric exercises strengthen the muscles that support the knee. ┬áThis actually reduces the risk of knee injuries.

Watch this video to see the proper way to execute a jump squat (and see that I am completely in my right mind!)