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Mindset Is Everything: How To Conquer The Worst With A Workout*

Train Your Brain

Life is full of highs and lows. Falling victim to your problems can be easy, but our problems teach us to persevere and get stronger.

Tre Lahman, Head Trainer at Burn Boot Camp Winston-Salem, is hoping to inspire women by sharing her story. Postpartum depression and anxiety are real issues, and often times, it’s all about changing your mindset.

Become Stronger

Tre has been a personal trainer for several years now. She’s spent much of her time training group fitness classes before joining the Burn Boot Camp community.

Tre was at the peak of her career when she became pregnant unexpectedly. Additionally, she dealt with constant sickness and pain that worsened throughout her pregnancy.

Finally, after experiencing a rough delivery, she gave birth to a happy, healthy baby. Unfortunately, 7-weeks after giving birth, she was hit with postpartum depression, anxiety and insomnia.

Her Support System

Tre says her family, friends and church helped her overcome her mental blocks. During her journey back to mental health, she began reading blogs about Burn Boot Camp.

In March, she tried Burn Boot Camp out with several of her friends. She immediately felt freed of her depression and anxiety.

Tre recalls that building relationships prompted her to focus less on herself and more on others. Burn offered her a community to be apart of.

After several months of being a member, she became the head trainer. She went from feeling unable to lead herself to leading hundreds of women.

The Take-Away

Exercise has proven to help lessen the affects of anxiety. By moving more, you’ll be less likely to suffer from symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Not only that but Burn Boot Camp has been designed to create a community of women who uplift each other. We high-five and encourage each other because we’re determined to become stronger.

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