Moms Teaching Burpees - Burn Boot Camp

Moms Teaching Burpees

The Fit Moms Forever community is at it again! Since doing numerous variations of burpees in boot camp a couple of the boot camp moms made it their mission to teach their pre-school class this full-body exercise. When I see a video like this one from my boot campers it lets me know that the mission is fully on and the Fit Moms Forever Community is taking MASSIVE action! Watch this…

What makes me laugh is the one little girl says “I always call them BLURPEE’S!” as if she even had the slightest clue of what a burpee was before she was taught…but then again…we know the little ones know everything! This is just an everyday life example of the impact fitness can have our community, and look how much fun they were having!

What have you done to teach a little one about health and well-being? I challenge you to become part of the mission! Reach out to your son and/or daughter tonight and teach them something they don’t know!

Log back on to “Fit Moms Forever” tomorrow and post what you taught your little one in the comments section below!