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My Top 25 Fitness Tips for Busy Moms

August 24, 2012

I know you are busy and that is why this blog, Burn Boot Camp, and MamaBurst Online exist in the first place. My mission is to make your life better through the gateway of health. Here are my top 25 fits to get give you more energy, a more-confident you, and the toned body you deserve!

1. Create 15-30 minute at home workouts

The best part is I have already made you a bunch of these! Just use what I have already done for you and it makes life even easier!

2. Do 25-50 push ups every night before bed

This literally may take you 2 or 3 minutes but doing it consistently will tone those arms up in no time.

3. Schedule your workouts on the calendar

Plan ahead and tell yourself on Sunday night what days you can fit workouts in and how long each one will be. Write them on the calendar and stick to it!

4. Use an Online Program

Find an online program that is effective! You  can use MamaBurst Online Burst Training for $1 for your first month which is my online program specifically designed for moms!

5. Plank-a-Day

Restore those abs with the most effective core exercise and all you need it yourself! Do one plank every single day. Your plank should always be AT LEAST a second longer than the day before! This takes only a few minutes!

6. Pack Your Lunch

When you are making the kids lunch, make yours too! Just don’t go putting Go-Gurts and Pop-Tarts in it.

7. Find Text Support

Set up accountability through text message. You do not have to physically be together to hold each other accountable!

8. Go to a Gym with Childcare

There are plenty of places that will watch your kids while you workout! Burn Bootcamp has a 9:30 am class with childcare!

9. Train with Weights

If you can spend 30 minutes jogging on the treadmill or doing circuit training with weight. Pick weight training! If you go through the exercises at the pace you are supposed to your cardio will take care of itself without spending extra time running!

10. Find motivation internally

What drives you? Place a picture of it in the dashboard of your car so you can be reminded every time you get in!

11. Play sports with your kids

Go out in the back yard and have a “semi-serious” soccer game with your kids! Make is fun but also move around and get sweaty!

12. Sleep Sleep Sleep

Try as BEST as you can to get some sleep at night! Six to eight hours per night is key…I know most of us stay up playing on our iPads anyways so put that thing down and shut your eyes!

13. Seek out guidance

A lot of times you may not know how to work out properly. Find someone who does and pick their brain because you do not want to waste your time as a busy mom. Talk to a personal trainer and tell him/her “I want to maximize my time spent in the gym.”

14. Invest in your health

If you have a monetary obligation every month to your fitness you are FAR more likely to succeed! We would love to have you do a 14 day free test drive at Burn Boot Camp and show you how we do it!


You are the best mom in the world to the most wonderful children, don’t forget that! Be the person you want them to be and love every minute of the one life you have!

16. Do not eat your children’s food

The cereal box has a Cartoon Tiger on it for a reason. Some things just are not for us and with good reason! Keep your hands out of the cookie jar!

17. Stroller Rolling

Strap your kids in the stroller and roll that bad boy! Jogging with your children is not only fun for them because they get to “go fast” but it is a great workout for you! Pop wheelies with them and watch how often they want to go!

18. Tell your friends your plans

When you tell people what you are going to do then you set yourself up for positive results. As humans we naturally do not want to let people down.

19. Say no to lunch at work

Half the obesity problem lies with social eating. Tell your co-workers you are making an effort to get healthy and they will respect that even if they poke fun. Eventually they will follow your lead.

20. Family game of “tag”

Go outside and chase them around! Kids love nothing more than to play “tag” with their mom and dad. A 15 minute game of tag can burn some serious calories and it keep your whole family moving.

21. Drink Water in the AM

The first thing you do before you even open your eyes in the morning is stand in front of the fridge and get at least 24 ounces of water down. This will help tremendously boost your fat burning potential.

22. Supplement with Whole Food Vitamins

98% of us, moms or not, do not get all the vitamins and minerals we need from food. Seek out a clean source for a multivitamin. Shaklee Vitalizer is the best product on the market today.

23. Jump Rope

If you cannot seem to find anything to do, there is no help around, and you are ready to get a great workout but do not know what to do.  Jump rope as fast as you can for 20 minutes! You will probably be pretty awful your first couple times, but that’s okay! Practice makes perfect and it is a great way to burn body fat in a short amount of time!

24. Set goals for yourself

Whether you want to lose weight, tone up, or both be sure to set realistic goals that you know you can achieve. Consistency and dedication are the two key elements to health and fitness and setting proper goals will help attract both things into your life.


You CAN do it and it WILL happen! Take it day by day and meal by meal. If you happen to mess up, OH WELL! Shake it off and get back at it the next meal or next day! You do not have to wait until Monday to start again! GO GET WHAT YOU DESERVE!!

Share this with anyone you might think it will benefit! Spread the love of health to all those you know will appreciate it!

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