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No Substitute for Hard Work

The fitness industry is a BILLION dollar industry and growing! This shows us that there is no lack of knowledge that, as a nation, we are fatter than we have ever been and action must be taken. Unfortunately taking action comes in various forms when it comes to fitness. America is spending billions on the latest infomercial gadget, the next fad diet, and the hottest new fat loss pill and it ┬áis all a COMPLETE SCAM! Have you ever met anyone that said, “The Shake Weight is AWESOME! I do my 4 minutes a day and look at me now!” I don’t think there has been one true testimonial throughout the entire six year life of that million dollar product. We continue to dump our hard earned money into useless items that flat out don’t work and leave us less confident in ourselves. Everyone always looks for the easy way to look and feel better about themselves and the truth is that every pill you see, every infomercial product you buy, and every useless diet plan you jump on NEVER works.

What does work?….Take a look at this video…

Hard work, guidance, dedication, commitment, and a support system of moms who all have the same goal is what works. Self-confidence comes from attempting what you think you cannot accomplish and not stopping until you conquer it.

Today I challenge you to become the better you. Do these 3 things and you will see results that you never thought possible.

1. Find a workout partner, join a boot camp, or hire a personal trainer

2. Tell everyone you are starting a fitness program (post it to Facebook)

3. Commit to at least 3 days per week for 45 minutes

Hold yourself accountable go to this facebook page and post your plans for everyone to see! I will message you back 7 days after to see how your progress is going to ensure you stick to your word!