Floating Floor
The main attraction of our facilities is our customized floating floor! With 4 ¼ inches of foam, it provides a soft surface to train like an athlete. Impact is often the cause of injury. Greatly reduce your impact and enjoy the benefits of intense workouts that help to keep your knees, ankles, and hips from flaring up! When you experience our floors one time, you will never want to train anywhere else again!

Floating Pull Up Bar
Pull ups can sometimes be scary, but with our tiered modification system we use body bands, plyometric boxes, and suspension training to ease you into pull ups and have you repping them out in no time! We also have an arsenal of equipment that can be hung from the bar from unique and creative training sessions like boxing bags and stretch cords! Some facilities may have ground mounted pull up system.

Free Childcare
We are in this for you, mom! We know that your little ones are most precious and your number one priority! We believe in making your transformation experience worry free by offering childcare that is included in your membership. All of our child care workers are background checked, and trained to provide an experience for your children that will keep them asking, “Mommy, can we go to boot camp?”

Don’t Use Machines, Be One
At Burn, we don’t believe in throwing you on a machine with a fixed range of motion. Every human body is different and we have World’s Best Trainers that will get the most out of yours! Build confidence with over 30 pieces of unique exercise equipment that will engage your muscles the way you are built, no cookie cutter routines here!

Always Challenging, Never the Same
Our programming is designed by a team of our Burn Athlete Trainers and led by our founder Devan Kline. We know the same old routine gets boring, we vow to NEVER do the same work out twice. This will keep your body and mind excited for what is to come next!

Positive, Motivating, and Encouraging Environment
We are built on the foundation that it is okay for you to put yourself first, and when you do, everything you care about in your life will positively benefit. When you are surrounded by a group of women who feel the exact same, powerful things begin to happen! There is no negative self or group talk, and especially no swearing as we are all God’s people. You will create friendships with like-minded women who want the same things as you and be encouraged to get rid of the haters in your life. Our culture is strong, and our community is a reflection of that strength!

High Energy with Awesome Music
America’s Best Trainers have two things in common, limitless energy and extreme passion to motivate you to kill it, even on your worst days! Our Trainers combined with “Burn Beats” customized playlists will energize your workouts and keep you nodding your head to the most popular workout songs from the 1990’s to now!