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What is Burn Boot Camp?

When you ask anyone in the fitness industry what is takes to get results you’ll likely get the same old answer “DIET and EXERCISE”. At Burn Boot Camp we know there is so much more that goes into it than just eating right and running on a treadmill. We know the blood, sweat and tears it takes to reach your goals and have America’s best trainers to make sure our clients not only reach their goals, but exceed what they ever thought possible.

Burn Boot Camp utilizes a proper mindset, whole food nutrition, burst training,strength training and a sense of community to create a positive, encouraging, and motivating breeding ground for success and confidence.

The Burn Boot Camp mission is to help families find health and happiness through the gateway of fitness and friendships. If you thrive off a career that you are extremely passionate about, then Burn is for you!

Our mission is to ignite global health transformation through empowering women to maximize the quality of their lives. We seek to build confidence, happiness, and disciplines that transcend fitness into a community of Mentally, Emotionally, and Physically Strong Women. We vow to educate, influence, and inspire every life we touch with knowledge in our heads, love in our hearts, strength in our bodies, and passion in our souls.
Burn Boot Camp is more than just a Gym, our 5 pillar philosophy empowers us to inspire and transform the lives of our clients.
Mindset - To change the body, you must first change the mind! A true transformation starts by knowing there will be hardships and preparing yourself to overcome them. Our clients become all around better people by strengthening their minds before strengthening their bodies.
Whole Food Nutrition - You can’t out-train your diet! Whole food nutrition help build health from the inside out. As a very results-oriented program, we help to balance nutrition habits to make eating healthy and feeling great realistic and achievable.
Burst Training - The best way on the Planet to burn body fat is known as Burst Training. These high intensity intervals leave the body eating away at fat cells for up to 72 hours after their completion.
Strength Training - Building lean muscle through hypertrophic strength training allows the body to burn more calories at rest, shape your physique, and ultimately keep that unwanted body fat off! Burn’s outside-the-box strength training protocols focus on empowering our clients to complete the most common desired performance goals.
Community - We stand strong, we stand together, we are the women of Burn. Our Burn women are a group of like-minded people who go through similar ups and downs of life.
Our hand-selected and certified personal trainers lead clients down a path of success, encouraging them to chase their goals and transform their lives.
As the mentor to all Burn Trainers, Co-Founder and CEO, Devan Kline helps trainers transcend fitness and nutrition to create inspirational leaders who can motivate an entire community of women and their families to raise the standards they have for themselves. While all Burn Trainers are elite, Burn Athletes are trainers who take it to the next level, the best of the best. These trainers must pass the Strength and Conditioning Assessment in 10 minutes or less, and register an excellent body fat percentage, and exude the ultimate leadership skills. This special group of Burn Trainers are the leaders and role models for our owners, trainers, clients and their families everywhere. Their passion is proving that anything is possible and all you need is someone to believe in you!