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Come Join a Fit Community of Moms, who are a group of like-minded women, in a positive, encouraging, and motivating environment

  • Train with only ELITE, certified trainers
  • Experience training geared to your body’s metabolic response
  • Learn how to balancing hormones through whole food nutrition
  • Gain confidence in yourself
  • Learn how to burn more calories at rest, shape your physique, and ultimately keep that unwanted body fat off!
  • Free Childcare

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Address and Map

Burn Boot Camp South Durham
5410 NC Hwy 55 Suite AA
Durham, North Carolina 27713

Camp Times

Monday – Friday
5:00 AM
5:30 AM
6:30 AM
8:30 AM Free child care
9:30 AM Free child care
4:45 PM Free child care
5:45 PM Free child care
6:30 PM Free child care

8:00 AM Open to Public w/ Free Childcare
9:15 AM Open to Public w/ Free Childcare

Fit Mom Ambassador Program


Men’s Program


Kidz Camp

Kidz Camp

Burn Yoga


Bridal Boot Camp


A South Durham, NC gym for women? – Discover how so many busy moms and women alike are looking and feeling 10, even 20 years younger! Come join us at our South Durham, NC Burn Boot Camp… Together as a fit community of moms & women, Burn has become the premier way to get and stay fit in South Durham, NC.

Transformations Testimonials

Meet Your Team

erinI’m Erin Studdard, I believe in moving your body, living a healthy lifestyle unapologetically, and having adventure through it all. I’m a woman entrepreneur and mommy. My passion is to help Women and Moms of all ages reach their fitness and wellness goals.

As a sufferer of post-partum depression, I decided to take my health, wellness and happiness into my own hands by incorporating proper nutrition and challenging both my body and my mental strength. This in great part contributed in overcoming my depression.

Through this process, I was inspired to become a personal trainer and enrolled at the National Personal Training Institute, graduating in July of 2010, so that I may share the joys and healing power of moving your body and healthy eating.

My Personal Mission Statement, simply put, is that I believe each of us should live our life to the fullest. We are here for a very short time and we should live with our eyes wide open, soaking up each experience as if it were our last and never live with regrets but instead living with valuable lessons so we may grow to be our brightest.

I am a Trainer, Mommy, Friend.

Things in life I love: My Daughter, all animals, MY animals, ghost hunting shows, play time, laughing, dates with my girlfriends, boot camps, running, smiling, coffee, and oatmeal.