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Sprinting Versus Jogging

July 11, 2014

There is Clearly a Better Choice

If you are running on a regular basis you are doing something right, but I may be able to help you do it better! My aim with this post is to lay out  the clear differences between sprinting and jogging and why there is clearly a better choice. Some forms of cardiovascular exercise are far more beneficial to the human body than others and this post will make that very clear to you. Time is precious and if you are spending it exercising I want you to understand the most efficient ways to turn your body into a fat burning machine, phyique building machine!

Here are a couple things you need to know…

  • The human body is meant to run and every person should have running in their routine. Our ability to take strides is a natural means of survival just the same as the ability to eat and speak. We need to run, but it is what type of running we do that matters the most.


  • Short distances from 10 – 40 meters, 60 – 100 meters, and 200 – 800 meters prove to have many benefits such has increased production in GH and Leptin as well as inreased testoterone levels. Hill sprints, and shuttle runs prove to do the same. All these modes of moving your body will  increase leg strength, lean muscle mass, coordination, soft tissue integrity, and bone density.


  • Extreme long distance running  (3 or more miles) proves to increase cortisol (stress hormone), wear down soft tissue in joints,  execessively deplete glycogen stores thus burning muscle tissue, perminate scarring of the heart muscle, weakening of thyroid and adrenal gland, tendonitis, decreased fat metabolism, loss of bone density, and systematic inflammation.


  • When it comes to building a lean physique your nutrition is the most important aspect to your training. There is not a single exercise on this planet that wil utilize a vast array of nutrient dense food then running short distance sprints at maximum effort. Eating clean and along with my recommended spriting program will turn you into a lean mean machine!

Before Your Sprinting Session – Safety First

Warming up is vital to the overall safety of your body. A proper warm up consists of 7-10 minutes of dynamtic stretching targeting hips, hamstrings, quads, and glutes. The worst thing you can do is sideline yourself by not taking the time to properly warm up. Some common injuries are pulled hamstrings, hip flexors, and groins. Since sprinting is a maximum effort exercise you need to be extra warm before you start. Below I have provided you with a warm-up video. Make sure you watch it thoroughly and listen to the explainations to ensure you are warming up properly before sprinting.

Your Weekly Sprinting Protocol – Pick 3 Days with 1 Day Off In Between

Super Short and Explosive Sprints (10-40 meters)

When it comes to short “bursts” of exertion there is none better. This distance is primary used for increased leg strength, power, and hormone production. Repeat 10 times with a full recovery in between. A light jog back to your starting spot and two big deep breaths will bode well for rest.

Medium Distance Sprints (60 -100 meters)

When it comes to a strength/endurance combination medium distance sprints are king. Not only will you build power, speed, and strength but you will also test the endurance of your legs and cardiovascular capacity. A light jog back to your starting spot getting near recovery will allow you challenge your heart rate. Repeat 8 times.

Long Distance Sprints (400 – 800 meters) 

Long sprints will produce maximum benefits, but is by far the most challenging distance. An anerobic nightmare as some may call it, but I just like to call it fun! This distance will choose to put the anaerobic effects of training into action over leg strength and power. It is necessary to work at all three distances but when faced with a decision, 400-800 meter sprints would win everytime. Repeat this 4-6 times if you can make it without spilling your guts!

Hill Sprints – 60-100 Meters

Want to turn your sprints up a notch? Adding resistance to any exercise will cause significant gains in lean muscle tissue. In the case of sprinting you would increase your incline to achieve your desired resistance. If you are looking to build maximum strength, power, and endurance in your entire body then find a hill and get to work! Repeat 6-10 times at this distance with a 45 degree incline. Use hill sprints at least once per week as a compliment to your weight training, metabolic conditioning, and other sprinting routines.

Shuttle Runs

Notoriously used in athletic conditioning, shuttle runs will build the integrity of our bones and joints like nothing else will. Training your body to change direction with speed and power will increase leg strength, decrease risk of injury, and activate all of the hormones necessary to burn body fat efficiently.

Here Is My Beef…

It is not that I am “anti-jogging” but moreso I am “pro-sprinting”. Jogging at distances serves two purposes in my opinion aids in recovery by flushing lactic acid from muscle tissue, and challenging yourself to do something you have never done. If your main goal is to run marathons competively I am sorry to say that you will be sacrificing an array of different muscle tissues to get you through the grueling 26 miles. I am definitely “anti-marathon” and would never recommend it to someone looking to lose body fat and get fit. On the other hand, some of us like to compete and marathon’s are often run them to “make a check on the bucket list”. My goal of this post is to get you to understand that the benefits of sprinting FAR outweigh the benefits of jogging long distances when used as a routine to get fit. If it is your sport, then you probably aren’t seeing much power, strength, or anaerobic capacity come from it, but could make you happy in other ways. I am not here to bash marathon runners but to inform you of what each version of running can and can’t do for your overall physique and health.



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  1. Hi Devan thank you for the information you have made available to browsers as myself.I have always been over weight all my life.I would start a diet or exercise routine and give up as soon as some one say’s something discouraging to me.I want to change my life around and not be disgusted when I look in the mirror any longer.I want to start getting into shape but donot know were to start.I can’t go to the gym as I’m unemployed.Thank you for being an inspiration to people that have given up hope!!!