Pink Abtober Story Spotlight: Kim Krause - Burn Boot Camp
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Pink Abtober Story Spotlight: Kim Krause

October 31, 2016

Kim’s Story

Kim Krause is a member of Burn Boot Camp Rochester. Her story begins with a family history of breast cancer.

Kim decided to take preventative measures after her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. After weighing all of the options, she had the surgery.

In June of 2015, she was planning to have a double mastectomy. She had to postpone her surgery for two weeks due to coming down with strep throat.

Finally, she went into surgery in late June where they found a cancerous tumor. she had no lymph nodes removed despite finding the cancers.

Fortunately, the doctors were able to remove all of the cancer cells, which meant that Kim wouldn’t need radiation or chemotherapy.

After her surgery, Kim faced several challenges. While she was in severe pain and on various medications, Kim knew she couldn’t rely on anyone but herself to feel better.

Kim’s reconstruction surgery took place in October 2015. The surgery was successful, but right after she faced the same challenges.

She says that even on her worst days, she thought about all of the women who had to go through chemotherapy and radiation. The key is staying thankful and positive.

In August of 2016, Kim joined Burn Boot Camp. She was beginning to struggle with energy and strength. She and Leyton sat down to talk about her goals to keep her going.

Kim says that the community that Burn Boot Camp provides is motivating her to stay healthy and rebuild her strength.

Her advice to everyone who has been diagnosed is that you are not alone. She wants you to stay strong and know that she is there for you, too.


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