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The Woman In My Dreams

August 16, 2013

I hope you had a wonderful week and are ready for a relaxing and healthy weekend!

I am going to get a little deep on you today. I want to share some insight that came to me after laying in bed last night. As I am falling asleep I begin having a dream of an extremely overweight and deconditioned woman that I am training in a beach setting. This might get a little unrealistic but then again it is a dream…

As this woman is pushing a stroller full of rocks through the sand I am standing over her encouraging her on. I remember our interactions quite vividly. As she is struggling to move even an inch I begin digging at her, “When things get tough, how are you going to respond?” As she is sweating and crying prefusly all she kept saying is, “I want this for me, I want this for me!” About 50 yards ahead is this magic finish line like something out of a race car video game with an elaborate lighting scheme and people cheering for her to finish. We approach the finish line and she is almost ready to keel over but continues to push.

The instant we cross the finish line the setting changes. This woman who had to be 400 lbs that was struggling to move 2 feet at a time transformed into a much lighter version of herself. The finish line, the beach, the weight, and  the people cheering disappeared. The stroller no longer had rocks in it but two little children and we were running at quite a significant pace through a neighborhood. I suddenly woke up to my annoying alarm clock and it was time to go to 5 am Burn Bootcamp and the dream was over.

As I stand under the hot water in the shower I began thinking of this vivid dream I had and what it all meant…

This extremely overweight woman wanted to stop SO many times while pushing that stroller full of rocks through the sand but she did not. She could have given up before that finish line and the setting would have never changed. She was faced with an almost impossible challenge but just kept pushing through it. When she pushed to her limits and far beyond she changed her life in an instant.

So what does this mean to you? How can this be applied to your life?

I explain this dream not to compare you to an overweight woman pushing rocks through the sand. But more as a metaphor for life. In my opinion, exercise and striving to reach fitness goals is the perfect metaphor for all of the challenges we face in life.

What are you going to do when life hits you with a challenge?

When faced with adversity in your job, how are you going to overcome it?

When your pesonal relationship get a little rocky, how do you mend it?

You have two choices to make. You can either stop pushing the rocks and lay down in the sand feeling sorry for yourself that you couldn’t make it. Or you can dig deep and get to that finish line no matter what kind of effort or sacrifices it may take.

Once we hit that finish line the woman’s whole life was transformed. All the sweat, tears, and exaustion she experienced translated into something amazing and totally worth fighting for.

Are you willing to fight for what you deserve?

When life gets tough you have to get tougher. Fitness is the gateway to happiness and is a perfect metaphor for the challenges life throws at you. The challenge that bootcamp or any workout gives you will directly translate into other things in your life.

If you want to become more mentally, emotionally, physically, and socially successful the gym is a perfect place to start overcoming obstacles. The way you challenge your body will directly reflect the way you handle life’s different challenges.

Watch this video of a REAL woman who just took a 12 month journey to lose 174 LBS to prove that anything is possible. Not only did her body change but more importantly her quality of life and perception of herself.

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