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Vegetarian Meal Plan

Vegetarian Meal Plan

I asked a question through a newsletter asking if there was anything I can help you with that I do not already have a resource for. I got several responses asking me to create a vegetarian meal plan that could allow you to focus on building muscle.

If you are not a vegetarian (or vegan) you may not know that getting enough protein is often a problem for those who are.  Since most of the commonly used protein sources are derived from animals, I had to get creative for you!

With the help of expert Head Trainer from Raleigh, NC, Lindsay Gilbert, we have found a solution for you…

Finally, a vegetarian meal plan that promotes muscle building!

The first vegetarian meal plan option contains around 1300 calories.


The second vegetarian meal plan option contains around 1700 calories.


You might wonder when reading this, “is Devan a vegetarian?” The direct answer to that question is, no. I like to think of my nutrition habits as a “vegetarian who happens to eat animal protein”. Meaning, I wholeheartedly believe in the science behind what a plant based diet can do for the human body but I do incorporate animal protein myself.

My diet is full of nutrient rich veggies, fruits, nuts, sprouted grains, and seeds. With each meal I incorporate a small portion of animal protein. My belief is that whatever your values are in terms of food consumption, stay strong to who you are!

Below we have listed all of the recipes for both meal plans!

Bon Appétit!

Vegetarian Meal Plan #1 Recipes:

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Vegetarian Meal Plan #2 Recipes:

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