At Burn, we hand recruit America’s Best Trainers to uphold the philosophy that is sweeping the Nation and changing the lives of everyone we come across!

We are statistically getting sicker, fatter, and lazier than ever before. This is what fuels our fire to focus on exceeding what women and their families ever thought possible for themselves. To obtain ultimate happiness five major areas of your life must be addressed: positive mindset, whole food nutrition, hypertrophic strength training, burst training and an inspirational environment, all of which are facilitated by the Best Trainers in America.

Our founder, Devan Kline, set out on a mission to bring America’s Best Trainers to every community across the world. His goal is to redefine what the “CPT” means. Too many “trainers” do not practice what they preach and that is why trainers cannot be considered to lead a Burn Boot Camp Facility without first passing his rigorous Strength and Conditioning Assessment. As the mentor to all Burn Trainers, Devan helps trainers transcend fitness and nutrition to create inspirational leaders who can motivate an entire community of women and their families to raise the standards they have for themselves.

While all Burn Trainers are elite, Burn Athletes are trainers who take it to the next level, the best of the best. These trainers must pass the Strength and Conditioning Assessment in 10 minutes or less, and register an excellent body fat percentage, and exude the ultimate leadership skills. This special group of Burn Trainers are the leaders and role models for our owners, trainers, clients and their families everywhere. Their passion is proving that anything is possible and all you need is someone to believe in you!

Check out these Burn Athletes