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Come Join a Fit Community of Moms, who are a group of like-minded women, in a positive, encouraging, and motivating environment

  • Train with only ELITE, certified trainers
  • Experience training geared to your body’s metabolic response
  • Learn how to balance hormones through whole food nutrition
  • Gain confidence in yourself
  • Learn how to burn more calories at rest, shape your physique, and ultimately keep that unwanted body fat off!
  • Free Childcare

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Address and Map

Burn Boot Camp Charlotte
1945 E 7th St
Charlotte, NC 28204

Phone: (980) 522-8390
Camp Times

Monday – Friday
5:30 AM
6:30 AM
7:30 AM
8:30 AM Child care offered
9:30 AM Child care offered
10:30 AM Child care offered
12:00 PM
4:00 PM Child care offered
5:30 PM (CO-ED)
6:30 PM (CO-ED)

9:30 AM FREE CO-ED (Child care offered)

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Discover How So Many Busy Moms and Women Alike are Looking and Feeling 10, even 20 years younger! Take Our Free 14 Day Test Drive Today! Burn Boot Camp is the fastest growing fitness facility on the East Coast. Together as a Fit Community of Moms & Women, BBC is quickly becoming the premier way to get and stay fit.

Transformations Testimonials

Meet Your Team

KyleMy background in fitness started in weight training as a teenager and skyrocketed once I started running in my mid-20s. I trained for a year and ran the Thunder Road Marathon in Charlotte in 2010. After continuing to increase my weekly mileage (topping out at 67mi/week), I realized the importance of cross training and functional strength training to keep my body at its peak performace.

Once I started working as a trainer at BBC I immediately fell in love with the intensity and fast pace the members bring to camp every day! Being healthy isn’t just something that’s done 45 minutes a day 3-4 times a week. It’s a lifestyle! It’s making healthier choices day by day. I believe in working as hard as you can as you get out exactly what you put in.

The best part of training is hearing a client tell you they can’t and won’t ever be able to perform an exercise (ie. Pull-up, handstand push-up, double under) and watching their expression the first time they do it. If you want the most efficient workout with an encouraging group of women then check out BBC. You’ve got nothing to lose but sweat and pounds. See you in camp!