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Debunked! Top 10 Weight Lifting Myths LIVE from Mount Juliet

July 12, 2016

Weight Lifting Myths – Debunked!

Here at Burn Boot Camp, we love to lift heavy. Whether it’s arm day, leg day or even core conditioning, our trainers are always pushing clients to lift heavier weights! Some women feel like weight lifting might make them look manly, or feel that they aren’t burning as many calories. Well, those are total myths!

Burn Boot Camp Mount Juliet Head Trainer, Christen Jackson, lists the top 10 biggest weight lifting myths and explains to us why they’re wrong. From Number 10 being spot training to lose weight/inches to Number 1 being afraid of the bulk (which doesn’t exist for women). It’s important to challenge yourself!

Muscles need to grow – which means they must be fed and trained properly! You are an athlete. Don’t be afraid to lift heavy! Next time you’re about to curl those 15’s, try those 20’s.


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Debunking weight lifting myths

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