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Diane’s 130LB Transformation Story LIVE with Daniel Ballard

August 1, 2016

Diane Is Down 130LBS

Diane Eldridge is 44 with 5 children! She started her transformation in October of 2015 – losing 130 lbs total.

Being a competitive person, Diane made the choice to change her life with Burn Boot Camp. In the first two weeks, she began seeing results – and she keeps crushing her goals. Even her sons love Burn Boot Camp when they participate in Kidz Camp!

More Than Physical

Deciding to change your life for the better can be a difficult thought to process. Diane describes her experience with beginning her health journey, saying “you walk in feeling a little intimidated by women who look like bodybuilders, thinking that’ll never be me, but you never know what other people see in you.”

Her advice for her audience is to “just do it,” because while it can be intimidating to begin a health journey, it changes your life for the better.

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