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Core, What’s It Good For? LIVE with Morgan and Beth

June 7, 2016

Our Burn Boot Camp Cornelius trainers, Morgan and Beth, demonstrated a 15 minute circuit to target your core! These moves require no equipment and are designed to help improve performance in all areas – especially core.

Anywhere Core Workout:

Seven 45 second core workouts followed by seven 1 minute planks –

Workout 1:

45 sec. sprinters : 1 min. plank hold

Workout 2:

45 sec. bicycles : 1 min. plank leg lifts

Workout 3:

45 sec. bridge to hip hike : 1 min. plank hip dips

Workout 4:

45 sec. cricket climbers : 1 min. bird dogs (opposite hand, opposite leg lift)

Workout 5:

45 sec. Russian  twists : 1 min. reach through – high plank

Workout 6:

45 sec. v-ups : 1 min. reach outs

Workout 7:

45 sec. uppercut punches : 1 min side plank hip dips (30 sec. each side)

This circuit is sure to warm your core up! It can be done anywhere and any time. Watch this video for demonstration, tips and modifications.

For more information on how to improve your fitness journey, tune in to our Burn TV Live broadcasts three times weekly (Monday at 1pm, Wednesday at 7pm, Friday at 1pm).

Are you ready challenge more than just your core? Find your Burn Boot Camp location today.


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