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16 essentials you need for your next summer road trip

June 26, 2024

Heading out on a summer road trip is an exciting adventure filled with endless possibilities for exploration and relaxation. Whether you’re planning a cross-country journey or a weekend getaway, being prepared with the right essentials can make all the difference in ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience. From practical items like sunscreen and snacks to comfort essentials such as pillows and blankets, having these necessities on hand ensures you’re ready for whatever the road may bring. We’ve curated a list of 16 must-have essentials that will elevate your next summer road trip, ensuring you can focus on making memories and enjoying the journey ahead.

First Aid Kit

A well-stocked first aid kit is important to bring with you on your summer adventures. Whether you’re removing a splinter, treating a bug bite, or cleaning a cut, a first aid kit is a simple yet vital precaution that can help you with nearly any minor injury or incident. You want to enjoy your road trip safely and comfortably, so this should be one of the first things in your car.


It’s hard to imagine taking a long road trip without some caffeine in your cup holder. Burn Boot Camp’s pre-workout doesn’t have to just be taken before Camp. Ignite has 40 milligrams of natural plant-derived caffeine per serving, so you can take as much or as little as needed to help you stay awake and energized on the road. Ignite is derived from coffee leaves and seeds and excludes artificial ingredients, so you don’t have to worry about consuming harmful chemicals found in some energy drinks.


Let’s face it. There are parts of your road trip that can be… boring. You may hear, “Are we there yet,” one too many times or catch yourself yawning a little too often. Driving down the interstate on cruise control may not be the most exciting part of the trip, but is often a necessity to get to where you want to go. Packing a pair of headphones for your passengers (kids with short attention spans) can make these dull parts of the trip feel much more bearable. Plus, while they’re listening to their favorite songs or watching a movie on their tablet, you can blast the Burn Boot Camp podcast from your speakers. Our podcast promises to inspire you on your journey toward health and wellness with incredible transformation stories, game-changing advice, and even a good laugh or two. You can catch new episodes every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday on both Apple Podcasts and Spotify.


What’s a road trip without a bag of all your favorite snacks? Healthy snacks like nuts, fruits, and protein bars provide essential nutrients and can help prevent fatigue and ‘hangry’ mood swings. Trust us, we’ve all been there. Sometimes you want to just get to your next stop without having to go off-route to get food from drive throughs and gas stations. That’s why it’s important to stay stocked with great, travel-friendly snacks, like Burn Boot Camp’s Afterburn Bars. These delicious bars contain 17 grams of protein, are low in sugar, and are available in triple chocolate and cookies and cream. You can stock up on these bars for your road trip by visiting your local Burn Boot Camp gym or shopping online.


Road trips often involve spending extended periods of time outdoors, whether you’re checking out the national parks, making your way to the coast, or riding roller coasters at a theme park. By applying sunscreen regularly, you can protect your skin from the harmful effects of sunburns and prolonged exposure to the sun’s UV rays. Sunscreen can also help keep your skin moisturized and reduce the likelihood of dryness or irritation caused by sun exposure. Grab your favorite sunscreen spray, lotion, or roll-on stick and enjoy the outdoors worry-free.

Burn On Demand

Taking a break from Camp to spend time traveling with your loved ones doesn’t mean you need to also take a break from your fitness routine. Stay on your journey to strength and keep your streak going with our Burn On Demand series, Road Trip Workouts. You can get a full week’s Protocol with 20 and 30-minute Camps that require little or no equipment. All you need to pack is your phone, a jumprope, and a pair of weights. You can try Burn On Demand for 7 days with our free trial, or become a Burn On Demand Member through the Burn Boot Camp app today.

Reusable Water Bottle

It’s essential to stay hydrated on your summer vacations, especially when spending time under the sun and in hot weather. Your 40 ounce tumbler isn’t just there for emotional support. When temperatures rise, our bodies lose water through sweat at a faster rate, which can lead to dehydration. Drinking enough water can help regulate your body temperature, ensure proper circulation, and support organ function. For extra hydration and electrolytes, pack a canister of Burn Boot Camp’s Replenish. Replenish is a sugar-free electrolyte supplement to help restore essential minerals lost during sweating. You can pick up a canister of lemon-lime or orange Replenish at your local Burn Boot Camp gym.

A Good Book

You know that book you’ve been putting off? The one that’s been collecting dust but you keep meaning to read? A road trip is the perfect excuse to break open that book and finally move the bookmark to another page. If you’re looking for a great book for your summer road trip, grab your copy of our life-changing book, Burn: The Burn Boot Camp 5-Step Strategy for Inner and Outer Strength. BURN can help you shed old habits and embrace untapped potential by redefining your life through the dual pillars of physical and mental strength. This is a book for people who struggle with their self-improvement efforts and is based on one powerful assertion that makes this book radically different from others in this category: when your body moves, your psychology also changes for the better. Grab your copy today and enjoy all that BURN has to offer on your road trip.


Packing Dramamine, or other motion sickness medications, is important if you tend to get nauseous or sick during car rides. Motion sickness can unexpectedly affect travelers of all ages during long trips. Dramamine is especially valuable to help prevent you, your kids, or your friends from feeling sick while reading a book or looking at a tablet or screen. Including Dramamine in your travel kit provides peace of mind and helps maintain a smooth and enjoyable road trip experience for all passengers.

A Comfy Sweatshirt

Despite the typical warm weather during the day, evenings and mornings in the summer can be unexpectedly cool, especially near water and in higher altitudes. Keeping a cozy sweatshirt on hand is key for summer road trips, whether you’re sleeping in a tent at night or stargazing on the beach. You’ll also want to be as comfortable as possible when traveling long-distance, so a sweatshirt or jacket is the perfect road trip essential to have with you in the car. Burn Boot Camp has the best and coziest sweatshirts that are perfect for your next road trip!

Chargers and Portable Batteries

Smartphones, GPS devices, and cameras are all necessities for traveling. A cell phone dying while you’re hiking a secluded trail or your navigation system glitching from a low battery while taking back roads can feel like road trip nightmares. The good thing? They’re both avoidable when pack the essentials. Bringing portable batteries and car chargers for your electronics can help you be prepared for emergencies, allow you to navigate effectively, and document your trip to share your experiences seamlessly.


Sunglasses are important to have not only in the car while you’re driving, but also while you’re exploring your outdoor destinations. The right pair of sunglasses can enhance your overall experience by allowing you to fully appreciate scenic views without having to squint or cover your eyes from the sun. Whether you’re cruising through sunny landscapes, getting out of the car to see picturesque landmarks, or simply relaxing in the sun, sunglasses can be a crucial accessory for any traveler’s packing list.

Pillow and Blanket

Summer road trips can feel exhausting, especially for little ones who are used to naps and extra sleep. Having a pillow and blanket readily available ensures you can create a cozy and restful environment inside the vehicle, making your summer road trip more enjoyable and rejuvenating. It may be underestimated, but a pillow and blanket are essential for when your kids are sleeping in the backseat, you need to take a nap-break at a rest area, or you’re just a little chilly from the car air conditioning blasting on your legs.


For when you want to pull over to enjoy a quick picnic or get tired of greasy fast food and gas station snacks, a cooler is perfect to keep in the car to enjoy drinks and snacks that need to stay cold. You can pack a variety of healthy options, like fresh produce, sandwiches, or yogurt. Coolers can also help you save money by prepping your meals and avoiding expensive restaurants. You could even fill it with your favorite protein-shake base and pack a few scoops of our Afterburn protein powder to get protein on the go.


Chapstick goes hand-in-hand with staying hydrated in the summer heat, especially if you’re going somewhere with dry weather. It’s easy to carry or keep in your car for whenever you need it. Lip balm that has SPF protection can help prevent sunburn and reduce the risk of painful blisters that could make a fun road trip uncomfortable. We want you to spend more time outdoors hiking, swimming, exploring, and sightseeing, and less time recovering from sun exposure and dry heat.

Hand Sanitizer

Traveling in the car means you might not always have access to a bathroom to wash your hands. Even when you do get access to a public restroom, it could be a rest-stop facility that looks like it hasn’t been cleaned in weeks or a fast-food bathroom that makes you feel less clean than before you washed your hands. Furthermore, outdoor activities may expose you to dirt, bacteria, and potential contaminants. Having hand sanitizer readily accessible ensures you can keep your hands clean before eating, after touching shared surfaces, or after handling money.

We hope you enjoy where life takes you this summer. Tag @burnbootcamp on Instagram to share your road trip essentials and share this post with a friend who you want to join you! 

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