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24 Week Update

November 11, 2015

24 week update:

  • How far along: 24 Weeks
  • Size of Baby Kline: Ear of Corn (about 1 ½ pounds)
  • Weight Gain: 10 pounds
  • Food Cravings: Lasagna
  • Food Aversions: None


I can’t believe I am over halfway there! So much time has passed since my last blog post, but it seems like it’s flown by. Only 16 more weeks until we get to meet our sweet baby girl!

In this blog post, I want to talk to you about exercising while pregnant. While I am a huge proponent of staying active during pregnancy, I want to share with you not only the benefits I have found from working out, but also some of my struggles.

During my first trimester, I shared with you in my blog that I was nauseous and very exhausted. My goal was to get to the gym 4 -5 times per week, but I was finding that some days I just couldn’t do much more than train my clients because my body was so tired, or I was feeling like I needed to be near a toilet at all times.

As soon as my first trimester passed, I gained a lot more energy and my sickness went away completely so I was excited to be able to start ramping up my workouts to make up for some lost time. However, as my body and belly grew, I find new struggles to get to the gym. I have been averaging about 3-4 times a week doing bootcamp, but I do have to admit that some days it’s been a mental challenge to be at the gym.

Going from putting 35’s or 40’s on my shoulders and repping out some squats, or being the first to finish a sprint, or grabbing a speed rope and doing consecutive double unders to modifying almost every exercise can sometimes be a mental challenge. Don’t get me wrong; I still feel my best when I leave the gym. I feel strong and accomplished that I am doing the best I can do for myself and for our baby.

I’ve always been such an active person and working out has been natural to me.  Luckily, I have never suffered any injury that put me out of a normal routine, so I have not been able to truly relate to the struggles of being in a boot camp and feeling like my body couldn’t do what my mind wants it to! Now I can totally relate to that feeling of frustration; it’s tough, but I’ve come up with some mechanisms to cope!

Looking at the bigger picture. For me, it’s creating another human being and making sure her needs and my needs are being met in a healthy and safe way so when these short 9 months are over, I’ve prepared myself and our baby to thrive post pregnancy. Injuries may leave you feeling discouraged, but it’s your body’s way of telling you that you need to rest, and doing so will allow you to thrive at a later time. Or, you may be someone who’s just starting a workout regimen and you’re intimidated by the intensity of the workouts and how fit the person next to you is. Look at the bigger picture and focus on how you can do the right things now to get you where you want to be in 3 months, 6 months, a year from now. It’s all worth it.

I want to share with you some of the benefits that I have seen from working out:

As I mentioned earlier, many of the things I am doing are modified for me and the safety of the baby. Check out what not to do during pregnancy:

Thankfully, I have a team of great trainers who know how to give me exercises to do to still get some killer workouts in. I’m sharing my top 5 favorites below:

Staying active during pregnancy has shown many benefits, but make sure you are consulting with your doctor and getting approval before you start anything. Every woman and every pregnancy is different so it is best to talk to your health care provider first!

As always, thanks for reading. I’m overwhelmed by all the love and support we’ve received! Stay tuned for my next blog, as I will be sharing my nutrition during pregnancy!

Favorite Products

Baby Plus

Thanks to my good friend Shannon,  I have been using the Baby Plus since my 20th week. The Baby Plus is designed to enrich a child’s cognitive development. These simple, natural sounds are introduced and played at any time after 18 weeks of pregnancy for two one-hour sessions per day. The curriculum is not music or words. The ‘lessons’ are progressive and based on the very sounds of a child’s natural prenatal auditory environment, the maternal heartbeat. In essence, BabyPlus was created in the language of the baby’s earliest surroundings.

My Chiropractor

I know this one is not a product, but I can’t help but talk about how much chiropractic care has helped me! As I have grown in the front, I have experienced back pain. Dr. Nick Rodsater and Dr. Stefanie Rodsater are extremely knowledgeable when it comes to pregnancy health and they have helped reduced my back pain, along with many other benefits!

Blanqi Body Styler

Although this carries a bigger price tag, I have found comfort in this maternity line. I have the bodystyler tank top that’s designed to help ease pelvic pressure and back pain.

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