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30 Minute Workout You Can Do Anywhere

February 27, 2012

For most of you, if you only had 30 minutes to work out (or even if you had more time), your default activity would be running.  If you have never taken bootcamp before you not realize the importance of incorporating strength activities into a circuit workouts. I am a HUGE fan of circuit workouts! Here’s a 30 minute circuit workout that I’ve adapted and tweaked with my style.  It’s a great way to get in a good workout anywhere without any equipment.

1.  Warm up with 8 minutes of cardio (running, jumping jacks, etc)

2.  Do one minute of jungle squats

3.  Do one minute of push ups

4.  Do one minute of reverse V lunges

5.  Do one minute of modified chair dips

6.  Do two minutes of cardio (any combination of jogging in place, butt kickers, squat jumps, snowboard jumps, etc.)

7.   Do one minute of ab exercises (any combination of front planks, bicycles, Russian twists, etc.)

8.  Take a 30 second break, then repeat steps 2 through 8 two more times.  Your 30 minute intense workout will be done before you know it!

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