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5 Exercises For A Better Back

August 24, 2016

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Most women neglect their back, forgetting that it’s just as important as legs or arms. Building a better back can also help improve posture, as well as alleviate any kind of lower back pain caused by weakness.

Trainers at Burn Boot Camp Huntersville, Ashley Beasley and Mark Byrd show us the top 5 exercises to building a stronger lower back. They incorporate the Stability Ball, the Medicine Ball and the Terra-Core to bring us a killer workout.


  1. Glute-Ham Raise
  2. Supermans
  3. Glute Bridge Raise
  4. Hyperextension on the Terra-Core (or Bosu Ball)
  5. Hyperextension variation on Stability Ball

Keep training your lower back and you’ll notice better core stability and improved performance in camp. Your back matters!

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