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5 INSTANT Coffee Upgrades

February 2, 2016

There I sat. Exhausted, mentally hazy, and physically spent from an honest day’s work and a brutal strength & conditioning test! I was on the cusp of launching into a meeting designed to pack a semester’s worth of marketing courses into JUST 4 hours. My day had begun at 4 AM sharp and without my usual cup of coffee I was beginning to lose my edge.
Coffee features an extensive list of health benefits!! It has protective effects on the brain, boosts energy and mood, and has a very powerful lipolytic (fat burning) effect!

There is however a BIG problem with this! Most of us have ceased to drink coffee at all. What do I mean?! Simply because a beverage is available at your favorite Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts store doesn’t mean it’s “coffee”. Some of these tantalizing, sensual concoctions feature 70-80 grams of sugar and are around 1000 calories!! They are basically caffeinated ice cream!!

Here are my 5 Instant WAYS to upgrade your coffee right at home!

1. Cut the FLUFF
Cream, sugar, non-dairy creamer, milk, artificial sweeteners, whip cream, caramel drizzle, creme brulee. Ditch it!! Ditch ‘em all. Coffee in its natural, black, roasty state features ONLY 7 calories per cup! Combine this with the power of caffeine and it makes it nature’s perfect FAT burner!!

A little trick I learned from Devan Kline himself!! A few dashes of CINNAMON is a great way to PUMP that coffee up without adding ANY calories! In addition to its natural sweetness, cinnamon is a POWERFUL antioxidant and has shown to help with blood sugar control!

3. Add Fat to Lean Up
Your eyes DO NOT deceive! Coconut Oil makes a GREAT addition to black coffee! Despite its rich fat content per serving, coconut oil is largely composed of a special ready to burn FAT called MCT’s (medium-chain triglycerides for all you science GEEKS!) which are readily converted into QUICK energy! This form of healthy fats is a critical part of any healthy lifestyle and its creamy texture is sure to please your palate.

4. When in doubt BURN it out!
That’s right. Burn Boot Camp’s signature Organic, Grass-Fed, Cold Temperature AfterBurn protein features 23g of delicious whey!. It’s great whey to make that coffee rich and delicious (excuse the pun)! Check out Devan’s special tips to making this creative concoction on Burn TV!

Mushrooms? Coffee? Yuck, right?! Actually a special type of fungus called cordyceps sinensis has recently gained scientific support for its wide variety of IMMUNE BOOSTING functions! It comes in powdered form and makes a tasteless addition to coffee that can pack a HEALTHY punch!
Alright guys now it’s your turn! Go out there and give these 5 INSTANT upgrades a try! Pick a favorite for YOUR pick-me-up and POST it in the comments section below!!

Emmitt Terrell – Head Trainer Burn Boot Camp Holly Springs

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