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5 Sneaky Tricks For Gym Motivation

February 2, 2016

Proven Results With These Tricks 

What do you think about when you hear the words “working out, training, exercise”? I’m betting it has something to do with what your body is or isn’t capable of. But getting fit doesn’t actually start with your body at all! Your mind needs to be on board, motivated and committed in order for your body to follow.At one time in our lives, we all have experienced a day, days or even months of struggling to stay motivated to workout. The struggle is real! I know it’s not easy, I’ve been there too! 

Six months ago I was working a high stress job for the state of NC in Child Protective Services. I was 20 pounds overweight and my body fat was over 30%. Waking up in the morning was difficult and hitting snooze multiple times was the norm. I wanted to feel better but I had no motivation to change. 

That was back in May of 2015:


Finally, I got fed up with not feeling good and being tired and moody. I eventually learned a few tricks that helped me find my motivation and create ways to keep it alive.

Now having overcome the struggle myself I can tell you what worked for me that you can start trying today!

1. First things first, get your mind on board and visualize how you want to feel about working out and how you want to look. This simple step of visualization has worked for countless people including Burn Boot Camp founder Devan Kline. Visualize what your daily workout will be, how you will look walking out of the house full of energy and excited to workout. Visualize what you will look like and how you will feel when you reach your goals.

My vision was of me getting up at 4:15 am with energy and excited to go to the gym at 5:00 am. I pictured myself in my new workout clothes, water in one hand and my post workout protein in the other. I envisioned myself jamming to music on my way to the gym and then crushing my workout with everything I had in me.

2. Be prepared with the necessities that you need for your workout. Have your workout outfit picked out the night before, your protein shake ready to take with you and of course plenty of water to drink. There is already a sense of accomplishment brewing when you are fully prepared for your workout. Tie this into your visualization of picturing yourself in your workout gear, killing it at the gym and then refueling your body with protein after your workout. I recommend Afterburn non denatured grass-fed whey.

After BurnAFTERBURN- FUEL YOUR POTENTIAL with 23 grams of protein per serving- cold temperature grass fed, non-denatured whey.


3. Surround yourself in a positive environment with like-minded people. When we were younger we always learned to not succumb to peer pressure. When it comes to working out and doing something that is absolutely positive for your mind and body, peer pressure might be just what you need.

For me it was such an awesome feeling to be working out in a room full of fearless women with similar goals and ultimately end results of improving our health and fitness. Connect with the people you are working out with. Become part of a fitness center that promotes a community feeling when you walk through the door. One that is filled with people who encourage you. You know, the kind of people who just being in their presence motivates you. For me, this was a huge part of overcoming my lack of motivation. I became part of a fitness center called Burn Boot Camp where their five tier philosophy includes creating a motivating environment where people were constantly dishing out high fives and people encouraged each other to succeed and to push a little harder.

4. Give yourself a reward. When I truly became committed to my fitness I immediately set some rewards for myself. They started small with weekly rewards such as after 6 consecutive days in the gym, I would treat myself to a pedicure. After my first 10 pound weight loss, I would treat myself to some Lululemon clothing.

5. Just 20 more seconds or one more rep. This is a little game I play with myself and it keeps me always pushing to do more, to do better. When you get to where you can only do one more rep or 10 more seconds of an exercise, don’t ever stop there. Push and push harder, “one more rep or 20 more seconds” is what I tell myself. It is such a small goal but that sense of accomplishment is HUGE. It’s amazing what the voices in your head can do to you when you are working out. Your body will go further than your mind so you have got to be in control of those voices and show them who is boss.
Whether you call it mental games or tricks, all I know is that it worked for me. Picture it working for you. Push yourself harder you’ll be glad you did. Surround yourself with positive strong people and see how that changes your life. The end goal is the same, to get fit, healthy and in shape. I sure am glad I gave it a try! 

This is me now: 

I still have goals that I am working on and still implement these 5 techniques. Come workout with me and my team of trainers if you are ever in the Charlotte area! 

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