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Our Story

"I wanted a chance to change the world" - Devan Kline


The Start

Burn Boot Camp, founded by husband and wife Devan and Morgan Kline, was always meant to be more than just a gym. Purpose and passion are the building blocks of this organization, and those characteristics are what make it the inspirational business that it is today.

Devan and Morgan were simultaneously raised in the heart of Battle Creek, Michigan. They first met in 6th grade and instantly became childhood sweethearts.

Though it may seem like a fairytale story, life has not always been an easy ride for either Devan nor Morgan. Trial and tribulation constantly followed Devan throughout his childhood. As a victim of his parent’s drug, alcohol, and physical abuse, Devan faced the tough reality of hardship, hard work and a consistent uphill climb towards success.

While Devan was dealing with an unhealthy home life, Morgan’s father tragically passed away in a car accident when she was only five years old.

When Devan and Morgan met in 6th grade, their bond was unlike any other. They immediately became one another's outlet, best friend, and lifelong soul mate.

The couple graduated from Lakeview High School and attended separate universities that were only a few hours apart. Morgan earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Food Marketing from Western Michigan University while Devan played baseball on scholarship at Central Michigan University.


The Passion

After Morgan graduated college she moved to Naples, FL to elevate her marketing career. Meanwhile, Devan was signed to a professional baseball contract with the San Francisco Giants traveling the country to follow his dream of becoming a professional athlete.

Throughout his career with the Giants, Devan spent most of his time living with host families while he was on the road. It was a revelation to Devan observing how the average family functions, for a broken home was all he knew. For over six years Devan would take time to assist his host families with their health, nutrition, and overall fitness. These moments did not instantaneously breed an “AH HA” moment for Devan, but they would soon become the foundation for changing lives all over the world.

After being released from the San Francisco Giants, Devan and Morgan spent their time living together in Naples, Florida. While Morgan was excelling the food marketing industry, Devan began his life’s work as a Certified Personal Trainer. With his host families in mind, he started a women’s only boot camp called “Lightning 900 – Burn 900 Calories Lightning Fast.” This program quickly became the most popular fitness program in Naples and further shaped what Burn Boot Camp would ultimately become.


The Purpose

In October 2014, Devan and Morgan made it their mission to help women all across the country improve their health and wellness. By February 2015, Burn Boot Camp was officially granted nationwide approval to award franchises all across the nation. Their mission was to partner with like-minded entrepreneurs with the love of fitness to bring health and happiness to communities coast to coast!

By the end of 2016 Burn Boot Camp opened 26 locations and awarded over 150. Now, as the year comes to a close, we are at over 300. This is only beginning for Devan and Morgan Kline. They are relentlessly on their way to awarding 1,000 locations domestically in their first six years.

Now CEO, Devan, and COO, Morgan, of Burn Boot Camp are nationally recognized personal trainers, authors/speakers, and proud parents.

Burn Boot Camp is continually on the hunt for new Franchise Partners to continue the rapid development of the Burn Boot Camp brand. Change your life, change your community, feel the Burn.