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Ashley Frisch Burn Bootcamp Concord Weight Loss Story

February 24, 2015

Ashley Frisch Burn Bootcamp Concord Weight Loss Story began with Mike Hartshorne when he opened Burn Bootcamp Concord in late July 2014. Since then, she has dropped 7% body fat ( 19.0%), lost 6 inches in her waist and is completely SHREDDED. We are so proud of her hard work and dedication.

See the Ashley Frisch Burn Bootcamp Concord Weight Loss Story below:

“Before I started my Burn Bootcamp Concord Weight Loss Story, I was trying one of the Beach Body programs. I was starting to spend more days sleeping through the early am workouts I planned and reality was setting in that I prefer to workout in a group setting. I knew I had to sign back up for something. Several of my friends went to Burn Boot Camp and they looked amazing. However, the BBC locations were a little far from where I live and if I am being completely honest, I hesitated to join BBC because of the price. Then, the Concord BBC opened and offered a human billboard special. I was all over that. It was closer and it was free for 30 days! Sure, it was a little intimidating when I first started. I wasn’t used to 10 lb dumbbells being the lowest weight option. It turned out to be a great group of ladies in class and we were all struggling and improving together. It was empowering to be able to do things I had previously thought wouldn’t have been possible for me. Within a couple weeks, I was completely hooked and ended up joining along with what seemed like almost all the other women who took advantage of the billboard special.

I cannot say enough great things about Mike Hartshorne and the BBC program. Joining BBC and getting fit was definitely on my list of the things I was thankful for this Thanksgiving. Lifting until my muscles fail out, pushing past my comfort zone, or altering my diet for more than a month or so are things I never really did before BBC. It has made a difference following the BBC’s grocery list and Mike’s nutritional advice. For me, it has been the only time I could stick with a food plan with a calorie deficit. Maybe it is the high protein keeping me fuller or the healthy carbs that keep me more even keel compared to the high amounts of processed or high sugar foods that I was previously accustomed to eating. Or, maybe I just don’t want to undo all the hard work put in at BBC. The workouts are hard work. Yet somehow it is fun and different each day and keeps me coming back. My husband says he’s always surprised how easily I pop out of bed in the morning now.

My goal at my first focus meeting 4 months ago was to be below 20% body fat and I wanted to be there before I hit 40. Thanks to Mike’s guidance and workouts, I met that goal. I also lost 15 pounds and 6 inches off both my hips and my waist. I just turned the big 4-0 and I feel like I am in better shape than I was in my 20’s. It is not just about being a certain size or body fat percentage though. I feel like I am gaining endurance and I think I just may be getting faster. Take that 4-0. BBC has been worth every penny. I have absolutely no problem being motivated to go to class. I really like all the women I have met. Oh, and I love the bouncy floor for my knees.”

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