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BBC Top Ten Exercises PART 1

June 6, 2016

Our founder, Devan Kline and trainer/owner Patrick Hartmann show us how to do Burn Boot Camp’s favorite exercises. These exercises vary to target your full body. Exercises like leg raises on the bar target abs while back squats and lunges target lower body. These exercises are exclusive to Burn and used by all trainers!


Back Squat:

Devan demonstrates the correct form for the exercise, back squat. He talks about modifications up or down, along with how to properly add weight without inflicting injury.


Patrick shows the perfect burpee form along with how to amp the exercise up with a Superman burpee. No worries if these seem too tough- he also shows us how to take this exercise down a notch for those with injuries.


Devan puts emphasis on how important the knees are in this exercise. It’s all about “cracking the egg,” and maintaining good form – then add weight!

Hanging Ab Raise:

Patrick shows this advanced workout and the proper form for those who can knock these out! He also demonstrates exercises that can be done to work your way up to the hanging ab raise.

Each of these exercises are perfect for all fitness levels. With correct form and modifications (up/down) you won’t have any excuses!

Ready to know the rest of the Top Ten? We’ll be revealing them in upcoming episodes. Tune into Burn TV Live every Monday at 1pm, Wednesday at 7pm, and Friday at 1pm.

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