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BBC Top Ten Exercises PART 3

June 22, 2016

Time For The Finisher

We’re finishing up our Top Ten BBC Exercises with CEO and Founder of Burn Boot Camp, Devan Kline and fellow fitness expert, Daniel Ballard. They finish the Top 10 off with some exercises to work our whole body. With all 3 exercises, Devan and Daniel walk us through how to work our way up to the exercises – it’s how we get stronger!


Deadlifts – Daniel shows us the proper form for a Deadlift. This exercise is serious and works our legs – which is a big muscle group. To mod up, add more weight! Form is everything here.

Pull-Ups – Devan demonstrates several variations of Pull-Ups. He walks us through how to work our way up to unassisted pull ups. His exercises range from pull-ups on the TRX to negatives on the bar.

Chest Press – Daniel finishes off the last Top 10 exercises with a Chest Press. He explains how form here will help us be able to do Push-Ups on our toes and go up in weight with our Press.

These exercises are all about putting in the work to finally be able to do a full, unassisted pull up – or a deadlift with heavier weight. Keep working hard in camp.

Watch the video below for proper forms and modifications. Be sure to tune in every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 1 pm.

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