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‘Be Their Hero’ Impactful Stories – Hope and Healing: Beth Prus and nephew, Nathan 

November 17, 2023

A Touching Conversation with Burn Boot Camp Visionary and Co-Founder, Devan Kline, and Inspiring Member and Former Franchise Partner, Beth Prus.

In our ongoing series of ‘Be Their Hero’ stories, focused on family journeys of hope and resilience, Devan Kline, the Visionary and Co-Founder of Burn Boot Camp, sat down for a touching conversation with Beth Prus. Beth, a Burn Boot Camp Member at the SouthPark location in Charlotte, NC, and a former Franchise Partner, shared her emotional journey as her nephew, Nathan, battles anaplastic large cell lymphoma (ALCL). 

During the interview, Beth recollected Memorial Day weekend of 2022, a pivotal moment when Nathan was admitted to the hospital with what initially seemed to be pneumonia. To the family’s dismay, the diagnosis revealed ALCL, an exceptionally rare form of cancer, especially among children.  

After enduring weeks in the hospital, Nathan underwent six months of chemotherapy, completing his treatments in December 2022, and the family joyously celebrated Christmas with a sense of relief. Beth describes Christmas of 2022 as an amazing celebration of their blessings.  

Unfortunately, in January 2023, test results indicated a sudden recurrence of Nathan’s cancer. Despite the setback, Nathan embarked on a clinical trial featuring a newer cancer drug, Ensartinib, as an alternative approach to keeping the cancer at bay. 

Beth, expressing unwavering determination, stated, “I don’t even imagine a day without him. You just have to believe in the best, and we all do that. We are going to keep going; we got this.” She further explains that having their family within miles has been the best thing, so she can help out in whatever capacity, including taking Nathan to some of his doctor’s appointments or picking up his sister from school. Nathan, a resilient young boy, attends school and participates in his beloved soccer team while combating cancer with remarkable strength each day. 

To hear Beth’s family story in its entirety, you can find the complete podcast here:

As we share Nathan’s journey, let us come together, Burn Nation, in raising awareness and funds for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society ® (LLS). Collectively, we can offer steadfast support to Nathan as he continues to embrace joy despite his diagnosis, with hope for a cure. 

Every contribution to LLS paves the way for children to enjoy more precious moments at home with their family and friends. Make a difference today by donating to our national fundraising campaign.

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