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Big September for Brandi and Michelle

October 3, 2012

I am very excited to be updating you today!

I am SO darn proud of Michelle and Brandi!

As you probably already know, Brandi Parker, Michelle Sellers, and I made a committment to take on their obesity head on in our own rendition of the hit T.V. show, Extreme Makeover – Weight Loss Edition. They have agreed to allow us to follow them on their journey through my Fit Moms Foreverâ„¢ Blog.

Read how I approached Brandi and Michelle One Month Ago and asked them to commit themselves to possibly one of the most challenging feats a human can face. They both committed without hesitation and are not looking back, not for one second.

Four grueling weeks of 7 Burn Boot Camp Workouts left Brandi with a mild right knee issue and Michelle with painful shinsplints that would hold most people back from pushing themselves to the limit. Not in our house. They both have been able to work through painful boot camps with the support of Michelle’s husband ,J, and her toddler, Lilly, mimicking me by telling Michelle and Brandi to “Push it, push it!” Long story short, injuries did not hinder them one bit.

There were bumps and bruises that took a toll on the bodies of both Brandi and Michelle. But their attitude and dedication has been relentless. Brandi and Michelle have parlayed my Burn Boot Camp for Moms program, a turn-key weight loss meal replacement plan from Shaklee Nutrition’s – Cinch Inch Loss Program, and an undeniable desire to change their lives forever all into the AMAZING results they saw in September.

As part of our commitment contract the gals are required to turn in nutrition logs detailing their Shaklee Program. Once again, not one slip. Of course there is always room for improvement but they both have mastered the most challenging part of this whole journey. It generally takes 21 re-occurrences to form any habit and they have been virtually flawless for 31 days in a row. It is safe to say that both gals are on the fast track to cutting their weight in half!

With that being said….drum roll please…here are Brandi and Michelle’s results from September!

Brandi Parker


August 29th,2012

Weight – 364 lbs

Body Fat % – 59.4%

Total Inches – 177″



October 1st, 2012

337 lbs (-27 lbs)

44.6% (-14.8%)

168.5 (-8.5″)



Michelle Sellers


August 29th, 2012

Weight – 240 lbs

Body Fat % – 44.6%

Total Inches – 145.5



October 1, 2012

224.6 lbs (-15.4 lbs)

38.6% (-8.6 %)

137 (-7.5″)


**Note from me to Michelle and Brandi** – I want to let you know how amazing you both are. I have the utmost respect for both of you for starring this challenge right in the face and owning it. We are going to continue to work and there will continue to be bumps in the road. It it how you roll over those bumps that define you who are. You two are the definition of inspiration I am SO DARN PROUD OF BOTH OF YOU!!  Let’s show everyone how we roll! I ALWAYS got your back!

These ladies have something they want to tell you! I will be interviewing them on camera and will put a  blog post together with their video!

Make sure to encourage them on on our Burn Boot Camp Facebook Page!

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