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How Do You Bosu?

June 14, 2016

Burn Boot Camp Founder, Devan Kline, takes to the floor with Owner and Trainer, Billy Haynes to show multiple exercises for upper body, lower body and cardio with the Bosu ball. These exercises are not only great for anyone, but can be done anywhere with a Bosu ball. Whether you modify up or modify down, you are sure to get a great workout in. Devan and Billy show us the different sides of the Bosu and how to maintain proper form when working our core for balance on the Bosu ball.

Lower Body

Jump Squat

Lateral Squat Hop

Lunge with the Bosu ball overhead

Upper Body – push up variations

Alternating push up on the Bosu ball

Diamond push up on the black side of the Bosu ball

Pivot push up



Toe taps

Bus drivers

Watch the video below for more examples and how to put the movements together. This workout is great for those days where you can’t make it to the gym. Now you don’t have to skip a day!





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