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Brandi and Michelle – Extreme Makeover – Burn Boot Camp Edition

September 4, 2012

There are few moments in our  lives when we are presented with an opportunity to do something extraordinary. For most people, when the opportunity strikes to do something bold and courageous our fear of failure outweighs the incredible opportunity . This is NOT the case for Brandi Parker and Michelle Sellers.  When opportunity knocked they came running to the door with an open mind and the mindset of domination.

This is the beginning of greatness of the bravest women I know. They made a commitment to their family, friends, and most importantly themselves to change their lives forever.

Brandi and Michelle are both considered to be clinically obese. It is no secret they are overweight and are in jeopardy of many of the issues that are aligned with holding excess weight. Brandi’s initial weigh in marked 364 lbs. and Michelle at 240 lbs, but not for long. These two ladies have already done the hardest thing it is for overweight individuals to do, they believe they can do it.

There is no doubt that I believe in them. Michelle, Brandi, I met when they enrolled in my Burn Boot Camp for Moms fitness program. As the first 45 minute workout passed I noticed an undeniable sense of pride in both gals. With a relentless effort, positive attitude, and over 100 lbs of weight to get off, I knew that we needed to take this to the next level.

Recently I attended a health conference in Las Vegas where I saw 10 amazing stories of individuals who collectively lost over 1000 lbs of weight in 12 months. I was extremely inspired to say the least. I got tears in my eyes as I watched these people killing their bodies in the gym and shredding weight like no-ones business. Immediately, I knew I wanted to help someone who has tried every way to change their life on their own and has simply come up short.  Michelle and Brandi came to my mind without hesitation. I got up out of my seat and started heading to my hotel room to contact them. As I was practically running through the halls of the MGM Grand with up to my hotel room I was reciting my e-mail in my head. Below is the email I sent them. I wanted a clear and concise answer to let them know I was serious and I strongly believed in them, so I titled the e-mail,  “Are You In or Are You Out?” Here it is….

I hope everything is going well and you don’t miss me too much while I am gone! I had told you that I would write you because there is something I wanted to talk to you about. So here it is 🙂
First of all, I am SO proud of you for taking that first step and committing yourself to this. I know that it is hard and I know you feel like you want to quit sometimes. I want you to know that myself and all the ladies at boot camp got your back 150%! Your participation in this program WILL CHANGE your life forever and I am here right along the side of you!
We have some weight to lose and that’s why you are at boot camp. But it is not about just losing weight. It is about transforming your life and getting rid of all the struggles that come with being overweight. It is about taking charge and not only making a commitment to boot camp,  but making a commitment to succeed. I KNOW that we can do this together and in one year from now you are going to be a completely different person!
I have the strongest commitment to you that you could ever possibly imagine and there is going to be nothing to stop us from doing this. There is an opportunity that I wanted to share with you and I think that you are going to be very excited about it! I am at a Shaklee conference in Las Vegas and I listened to 10 stories from people in your similar situation who made a commitment one year ago and they got to share their story with the 6,000 + people in the conference plus everyone else around the world. When those people stood on the stage and shared their stories tears came to my eyes and I imagined you being on that stage a year from now in Nashville, Tennessee at the next conference impacting the entire world with your story. I am making you an offer to make a commitment to your family, your friends,  boot campers, myself, and most importantly YOU! We will work VERY closely side by side for one year, get you on Shaklee Cinch Transformation program, take boot camp as well as do some personal one on one training, and transform your world into an entirely new you! I want you to be able to reach out to people in one year and let them know that with hard work and Shaklee anything is possible!
You are such a great person and you deserve this opportunity. You can change your life forever, change others lives forever with your story, and open yourself up to an entirely new world of career opportunity. I am very plugged in with LARGE circles of very important people in the wellness industry and I want this SO bad for you. This is going to happen because we are going to make it happen! The winner of this contest gets $10,000 but that is just a perk, more importantly, we will get you healthy and drop over 150 lbs! 
I need a commitment from you and I need to know….are you in or are you out?


In less than one day I got a reply e-mail from both ladies staying they are all in. We signed a contract called the “New You Agreement” stating that they would both agree to the Shaklee Cinch Inch Loss Meal Plan Program, seven workouts per week, nutritional logs, and consequences for not fulfilling the requirements.
Brandi and Michelle are two of the most happy, joyful, smiling,  and beautiful personalities I have had the pleasure of not only training, but calling a friend. It is my passion and now my mission to stick by their side through thick and thin and guide them to the self-confident, strong, energetic, comfortable, and healthy lives that align with their already stellar personalities!
Michelle and Brandi have agreed to allow me to write a blog post every week telling about their journey to fit lives. Over the next 12 months you will get an inside look at what real determination, courage, consistency, and change  looks like. Brandi and Michelle hope to inspire you through their story and we all are very excited for everything that will come! Look out for videos, blogs, case studies, interviews, and more! Follow us as they star “impossible” directly in the eyes!


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