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Brandi Parker Burn Bootcamp Huntersville Weight Loss Story

February 28, 2015

The Brandi Parker Burn Bootcamp Huntersville Weight Loss Story is an inspiration to say the least.  174 pounds lost in 12 months is an amazing accomplishment.  Trainer Devan Kline saw the potential in Brandi and knew she had what is takes to change her life and become the healthy, energetic, happy person she wanted to be.  We are so proud of Brandi and can’t wait to see what the future holds!

Here is the Brandi Parker Burn Bootcamp Huntersville Weight Loss Story in her own words….

“The first time I walked into BBC, I was embarrassed of myself because I was again the largest person in the room. I almost

Brandi Parker Burn Bootcamp Huntersville Weight Loss Story
Brandi Parker Burn Bootcamp Huntersville Weight Loss Story

turned around and walked out. Luckily for me, Devan caught me before I could leave. My weight has always been a constant struggle. I could never seem to get healthy eating and exercising in sync.  By the time I came to BBC, I had pretty much given up on me and was to the point of thinking maybe I was meant to be overweight. It wasn’t like I hadn’t tried over and over again. But, I was tired of failing at every turn.

When Devan approached me about doing his Extreme Makeover – Burn Bootcamp Edition, I was skeptical. I didn’t believe what he told me. And, I didn’t believe in myself. But, I agreed, thinking to myself if I could just lose 60 lbs I would be ok. I was tired of being the heaviest person in the room, tired of being out of shape and exhausted, and simply tired of hating myself.

I did not believe that I had it in me to come as far as I have. Saying yes was the best decision I have ever made. I lost 60 lbs within the first 12 weeks! A total of 174 lbs gone in 12 months is unbelievable, and I still get a little shocked when I look in the mirror. I mean, who knew that I actually had collarbones! The physical changes are enormous. I am much more active now. Simply moving about is easier. I don’t get out of breath every time I move. I can take 5 flights of stairs up to my floor at work without stopping to breathe or rest. The first time I sat in an airplane seat and didn’t crowd the person beside me and was able to lock the seatbelt without having a belt extension, I almost cried like a baby.

For the first time ever, I have been able to wear size 14 pants. When you start at size 32 (sometimes larger), a size 14 is really good! I am no longer embarrassed of me. I don’t avoid the mirror anymore. I am much more confident. And, I like me again! I am very proud of myself for all that I have accomplished this past year. I feel like I can do just about anything now. BBC is not easy, and I still go home with muscles aching but it is worth every bit of the pain. I have decided that I am worth the time and energy it takes to get up at 4:30 every morning and come to BBC.”


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