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Breaking Free from Mental Funk: When The Numbers Don’t Reflect Your Progress

May 1, 2023

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and in a recent Burn Boot Camp podcast episode, Morgan Kline, co-founder of Burn Boot Camp, shares her personal experience with the InBody machine and how it impacted her mental health. Despite living a healthy lifestyle, Morgan was surprised when the InBody machine didn’t reflect the progress she had made. This led to a period of self-doubt and frustration, as the numbers on the machine seemed to contradict the hard work she had put in.

Morgan’s story emphasizes the importance of focusing on how we feel rather than solely relying on numbers. Our progress should be measured by how we feel and the non-scale victories we achieve, such as increased energy, improved mood, and better overall health. Morgan encourages us to keep pushing ourselves towards our goals and to recognize that setbacks are a natural part of the journey.

In addition, Morgan highlights the importance of celebrating even the smallest accomplishments in our lives. By recognizing and acknowledging our successes, we can build momentum and stay motivated towards our goals. Morgan suggests taking a moment each day to reflect on our wins, whether it’s completing a tough workout, sticking to a healthy diet, or simply showing up for ourselves. By cultivating a positive mindset and celebrating our victories, we can continue to make progress towards our health and fitness goals.

Morgan’s story offers a message of hope and inspiration to anyone going through a similar experience. By sharing her struggles, she reminds us that setbacks and challenges are a natural part of the journey towards better health and fitness. It’s important to focus on how we feel, celebrate our accomplishments, and keep pushing ourselves towards our goals. With this mindset, we can overcome obstacles and achieve our best selves.

Click here to listen to this episode on the Burn Boot Camp Podcast.

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